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Cowboys news: Dallas predicted to have losing record in 2018

Is a losing record really in the future of the Cowboys in the 2018 season?

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

2018 NFL record projections: Dallas Cowboys sub-par once again - Nate Davis, USA Today
Not everyone is feeling like the Cowboys could be special. USA Today’s pundit doesn’t see Dallas doing anything in 2018.

Dallas Cowboys (7-9): They’ve got seven games against 2017 playoff teams. A full season from Zeke Elliott should certainly help, but can he offset a depleted receiving corps and questions about Dak Prescott’s readiness to take the next step as a franchise quarterback?

25 NFL predictions through 2021 - Dallas Cowboys will win a Super Bowl in next three seasons - Dan Graziano, ESPN
NFC East beat writer Dan Graziano believes the Cowboys will win one of the next three championships.

3. The Dallas Cowboys win one of the next three Super Bowls.

It just feels as if people are sleeping on a team that went 9-7 last year while its best player/key to the offense was suspended for six games. Assuming Ezekiel Elliott plays all 16 games, there’s no reason not to like the Cowboys as 2018 contenders. And with their dominant offensive line all under contract and Dak Prescott still on his rookie deal at quarterback, there’s no reason to think there’s any major drop-off coming in the short term.

ESPN writer predicts that the Dallas Cowboys will win one of the next three Super Bowls - Cole Patterson, Blogging The Boys
Not only do the Cowboys win a championship but those is Philly who dream of a repeat can keep dreaming.

Dallas has also taken steps to address the defense — revamping the secondary, hiring former Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard to be in charge of the DBs, and a defensive line that features DeMarcus Lawrence and, now, the return of Randy Gregory. That, combined with a second-place schedule as opposed to a first-place schedule and an offensive staff that is prepared to maximize Dak’s strengths, has the chance to get the Cowboys back into the playoffs in 2018.

Another one of Graziano’s predictions that is interesting to Cowboys fans is the very next one, claiming that while the Cowboys will hoist a Lombardi by 2021, the Eagles will not — despite what occurred this past February.

Marinelli “Admires the Fight” From Gregory - Nick Eatman, Dallas Cowboys
Rod Marinelli is extremely pleased to have his right defensive end in the fold for 2018.

“Oh yeah, he’s got the stuff that you need,” Marinelli said. “I just want to give him time now to get back in the saddle and learn the basics again and bring him along that way. But he’s so talented. Some of things will return quicker than most for him.”

Poll: Who is a potential roster casualty for the Cowboys in order to make room for Randy Gregory? - DannyPhantom, Blogging The Boys
With Gregory’s return, the team now will have to free up a roster spot. Which player could end up being cut in order to keep Gregory? The reader poll suggests it’s going to be TE Rico Gathers.

TE - Bye, bye, Rico?

The Cowboys believed that Rico Gathers had the potential to be a playmaking tight end in this league. He’s been a great player to keep in their back pocket for the last couple seasons. Unfortunately, potential doesn’t always translate to on field production and the Cowboys no longer have extra space in their pocket. It’s time to put up or shut up.

Rico believes he’s got what it takes, but this won’t be about what Rico believes.

Randy Gregory contract options get foggy following 2018 season - Patrik Walker, 247Sports
The Cowboys will have think about Randy Gregory's future even though he's just been reinstated.

The fact is, Gregory has only been active for a total of 14 games in his first three seasons. With 12 of those games coming in Year One, he accrued no time towards his deal in Year Two or Year Three -- despite having logged two games in the former and the latter seeing him miss the entirety of the season. This means his contract could be tolled in favor of the Cowboys, considering they’re now three years in while having gotten only one accrued season out of the agreement. What tolling could do is displace his 2017 salary ($731,813) to 2018, and his 2018 salary ($955,217) to 2019, essentially stretching his initial contract.

Mailbag: Pros & Cons Of Franchising D-Law?- Bryan Broaddus & Rob Phillips, Dallas Cowboys
How big of a deal is it that the Cowboys couldn't work out a long term deal with DeMarcus Lawrence?

Rob: Well, they always could franchise Lawrence again next year and keep him under contract that way, just like Anthony Spencer played on two straight tags. My guess is Lawrence would prefer a long-term deal with some security after this season. And as Bryan said, the Cowboys are known for rewarding their top guys. But there’s no question his earning power could jump even higher next year.

Why new Cowboys WR Allen Hurns should help Ezekiel Elliott in addition to Dak Prescott- Jori Epstein, SportsDay
Epstein continues his player profiles with the Cowboys biggest free agency acquisition, Allen Hurns.

2018 outlook: In the passing game, Dak Prescott will hope Allen Hurns returns to his 2015 form when a touchdown nearly every week became the norm. Hurns showed in 2017 that when healthy, he’s a reliable target - a change from Dez Bryant who caught just 54.8 percent of Prescott’s passes last year and dropped 12. Pro Football Focus analyses suggest Hurns should also make a case for how he can contribute to Ezekiel Elliott’s production. The run game is the fabric of the Cowboys offense, so any player who proves investment and ability to contribute to it will win coaches over more quickly. Not to mention Hurns will join a line of first-round talents when he blocks. As the Cowboys receiver room lacks a “true No. 1” option, Hurns enters a new team with open route trees, creative play calling from new receivers coach Sanjay Lal and opportunity. Hurns should make a case early to contribute from a room that includes Terrance Williams, slot receiver Cole Beasley, rookie Michael Gallup and jack-of-all-trades Tavon Austin.

Leighton Vander Esch: Small-town America to America's Team - Todd Archer, ESPN
From a small town of 400 to a first-round selection of the most valuable franchise in sports, not bad for Leighton Vander Esch.

“I’m proud of every single bit of it,” Vander Esch said of his journey from small-town America to America’s Team. “I know it’s taken a lot of work and steps and goals in getting to where I am, but it’s only the beginning. This has been my ultimate goal for as far as I can remember, and now that I’m here, I want to live in that and make the most out of it.”

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