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Xavier Woods is putting in work this offseason

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The Cowboys safety looks ready to go in 2018, but will he have to contend with Earl Thomas?

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

When discussing who’s going to be the center fielder for the Dallas Cowboys there are a lot of ideas.

Some of these ideas are perpetuated by social media, particularly from one user. Earl Thomas has done just about all that he can to interject himself into the discussion of potential Cowboys free safeties, but don’t forget about Xavier Woods.

Dallas traded up in the draft last year (albeit in the sixth round) to land the former Louisiana Tech star. They used him in a variety of ways throughout his rookie season, and there’s a possibility that the free safety spot in Kris Richard’s secondary could indeed be his for the taking.

Training camp starts next week. Maybe Earl Thomas will be there, maybe he won’t. Xavier Woods definitely will be and it looks like he’s going to show up in shape. He recently shared a video and, well, you’ll be hyped.

If you pay close attention you’ll also see Anthony Brown in the video. The two fellow sixth-round picks working out together is a nice thing to see this close to camp.

Rolling exclusively with Xavier Woods could be a precarious bet by the Cowboys, but so could trading for you know who. Hopefully we’ll have an answer soon, but at least it seems like the available options are pretty nice.