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Redskins fans think the Cowboys are the worst team in the NFC East

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“Washington is Washington, right?” -Ben McAdoo

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NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There are a great number of things to love about BTB and SB Nation as a whole. Our community is unmatched. We are a stronghold. What’s great is that’s equally true for all SB Nation properties.

Such is obviously the case for Hogs Haven, home of all Washington Redskins content. The Redskins are an adorable little bunch thinking that they’re a great NFL team and all, and their fans have obviously bought into that same notion.

Hogs Haven recently asked their readers to vote on which NFC East team leads the way at every position group. They compiled the results and reached the conclusion that they are least impressed by the Dallas Cowboys.

I started with the idea that when you rank the teams from 1 - 4, there are 10 position points to give out (1+2+3+4=10). I decided that the basic idea should be to allocate the 10 points across each position ranking, allowing ties between teams wherever it seemed appropriate. The rule was that the 4 rankings had to add up to 10 points.

Via Hogs Haven

If you’re confused, the more points the worse off the team is. Dallas is regarded as the fourth-best in half of the 10 categories while tying for last in a sixth. Not surprisingly, the world champion Philadelphia Eagles lead the way and almost have the consensus best player at every spot.

Redskins fans think their offensive line is on par with Dallas and Philadelphia’s

Lately we’ve been talking about how PFF graded the Cowboys as the second-best offensive line in the NFL behind the Eagles and how true that may or may not be. Most BTBers (obviously) believe that Dallas boasts the supreme line up front, but we all generally acknowledge that Philly’s is great, too.

PFF didn’t even have Washington ranked in the top 10, they came in at 12th. Hogs Haven notes throughout this entire discussion that there’s a flare of Redskins bias, considering their offensive line on par with Dallas and Philadelphia is a flagrant example of that. Sorry, Bill Callahan.

Redskins fans not only think Alex Smith is better than Dak, but they equated Prescott with Eli Manning

Dak Prescott has only played two seasons in the NFL, but he’s arguably already better than Alex Smith. Dak has thrown for less yards and more interceptions, but he also has Smith edged out on touchdowns and more importantly in wins.

Via Pro Football Reference

Did I mention that Dak also hasn’t ever been traded away in favor of a second-year quarterback that’s never started a legitimate NFL game?

The Redskins bias is real and based on literally zero evidence

Washington fans are really confident that their squad is at least legitimate and that the Cowboys are cellar-dwellers. This, um, isn’t how things have necessarily gone over time.

While the NFL is a year-to-year proposition (the fabulous OCC explained this recently), it’s worth considering what’s happened over the last few seasons, especially given that Dak Prescott is such a big part of this division now and that our sample size on him is larger.

Dak Prescott is undefeated in games against the Washington Redskins and/or Alex Smith.

Neither the team from our nation’s capital nor their new quarterback have ever experienced victory across the sideline from the young Prescott. Maybe they’re upset about this, maybe they’re hopeful that things will finally change, but 0-5 isn’t exactly a large mound to stand on.

The reality is that Hogs Haven voters are obviously going to vote with a bit of lean towards the Redskins. A big shout out to Bill over there for putting in all of the hard work towards a great idea that involved a lot of crowdsourcing. We’re division rivals, we’re always going to poke at each other, but we can do it in good fun.

Looking at these results though, well, they’re Washington.