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Report: Randy Gregory fully reinstated by NFL, can now participate in practices and games

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Signs continue to point upward for Randy.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the NFL reinstated Randy Gregory on a conditional basis, and according to the Dallas Morning News he was fully reinstated on Monday.

Randy still has an interesting list of conditions that he must comply with while back in the league, but the important thing is that he has now been cleared to practice and participate in games. This is important considering training camp starts this week.

It’s been a long time since Gregory has played professional football so every rep that he can garner during this period is going to be critical to his return. There’s no denying that Randy has talent, but rust has definitely accrued. Thankfully his strength looks to be just fine.

Randy could be an interesting domino this season. Anything he can contribute obviously helps, but our own Michael Sisemore believes that Randy could develop into a starter before the season is over. It all starts now.