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There are conflicting reports on whether Cowboys and Seahawks have talked Earl Thomas since draft

Who’s right?

St. Louis Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Earl Thomas has cooled on his Instagram bread crumb-dropping tactics, but his name is still in the news. As teams are reporting to training camp left and right it remains to be seen whether or not he’ll report to the Seahawks.

There are two potential reasons why Thomas wouldn’t report to Seattle:

  1. He’d still be holding out in hopes of a new deal
  2. He’d be reporting to the Dallas Cowboys in Oxnard, CA

The former seems much more likely, but the latter technically remains a possibility. In the world of finite possibilities, Earl joining the Cowboys is still there as an option, one many choose to keep believing in.

That open window closed a little on Monday afternoon when NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported that the Cowboys and Seahawks haven’t talked Earl Thomas since pre-draft. There have also been reports that Dallas and Seattle discussed possibilities of a trade during the draft, but those could have just been their pre-draft talks continuing so to speak.

The stoking of the flames that Thomas has engaged in has taken place over the last few weeks, well after the NFL draft. It’s possible that Earl is using the Cowboys (and their ever-powerful mystique) as leverage against the Seahawks, as our own Tom Ryle pondered here, but maybe Earl really does just want to be in Dallas that badly.

If the Cowboys and Seahawks truly haven’t spoken since the draft then Earl’s dreams of getting his hypothetical wish might not reach fruition this season. But what if they have talked since the draft? ESPN’s Josina Anderson outright contradicted Jane Slater’s from just seven hours earlier.

We’re at a point with the Earl Thomas situation that even the reports about when teams have discussed trading him are off. Add this to his Instagram antics and it makes for one difficult thing to figure out.

Theoretically a lot will be resolved when the Cowboys and Seahawks are firmly at training camp. Earl Thomas may remain a holdout, or will he? You never know with this whole thing.

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