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Dez Bryant could wind up with the Cleveland Browns

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Could Dez end up in Cleveland?

Cleveland Bowns v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

We’re over 100 days into Dez Bryant Watch. That is, we’re kind of in it.

The Dallas Cowboys released Dez on Friday, April 13th. It’s officially training camp time. That’s late July. That’s forever.

There have been all sorts of reports linked to where Dez could/wants to play. He said he’d see the Cowboys twice a year, he followed a bunch of Texans players on Instagram, he outright said he wanted to play for the 49ers on the gram... it’s almost Earl Thomas-ish. Ultimately the common denominator has been that Dez wants to join a contender.

The latest report surfacing doesn’t exactly include a contender. The Cleveland Browns are reportedly interested in the Cowboys all-time leader in receiving touchdowns.

This news dropped on the same day that the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles signed Eli Rogers and Kamar Aiken, respectively. Cowboys fans have come to grips with Dez no longer being in Dallas, but there’s not anyone who would legitimately say either of those receivers are better than him.

Cleveland boasts an enormous amount of talent... on paper. They have Josh Gordon, brought in Jarvis Landry, and drafted Baker Mayfield with the number one pick a few months ago. They could be fun, but again, they’re not exactly a contender.

Dallas played the AFC North in 2016 so they wouldn’t meet the Browns again until at least 2020, barring a Super Bowl between the teams. Dez has been determined to play against the Cowboys, but maybe that’s just simply not in the cards.