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Stephen Jones said players will stand for the National Anthem “if they want to be a Dallas Cowboy”

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Stephen Jones elaborated on Jerry Jones’ National Anthem comments.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Minicamp Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones brought the NFL’s controversy regarding the National Anthem back into the light during the team’s annual State of the Cowboys address on Wednesday.

He noted that while the NFL is currently trying to figure out what each team’s policy regarding this might be (if there even is one), members of the Cowboys will be expected to be present on the field for the playing of the National Anthem, “toe at the line.”

Many have made reference over the last few years that while Jerry Jones remains in charge of the Cowboys in title, Stephen Jones is seeing his role grow more and more. We’ve seen Stephen lead different charges, and on Thursday he threw his hat into the ring on this subject.

While speaking to KTCK 96.7 FM The Ticket’s Norm and D Invasion out in Oxnard, Stephen elaborated on Jerry’s comments. From the Dallas Morning News:

“There’s one way to do it right in our mind, and that’s go toes on the line and stand for the anthem,” Jones said.

He said that players would be punished if they choose to stay in the locker room instead.

Jones was then asked whether he feels confident that Cowboys players will follow the rules set out by the front office:

”If they want to be a Dallas Cowboy, yes.”

This is obviously a subject that’s been in the national news for quite some time. The NFL has tried to steer clear of it all by putting a “pause” on the policy while they speak to the NFLPA, but that’s not happening with the Dallas Cowboys. Stephen elaborated further.

“We certainly are supportive of them when they have their personal issues or their personal things that they want to pursue. And we’ll help them pursue them on Tuesdays,” Jones said. ”But when you’re wearing the Dallas Cowboy uniform and a Dallas Cowboy helmet and you’re working for the Dallas Cowboys, you check the I and the me at the door and you’re a part of a team. There’s bright lines in terms of our organization.”

Stephen did speak about the causes surrounding the protests, and acknowledged them as valid.

Jones was asked whether he would agree that they players who choose to protest have a case to make to America:

”Yes, and we would support that case,” he said. ”We just think there’s better ways to do it. We don’t want to get into a lot of dialogue with that, but we will support our players with resources in their pursuit of social injustice. We support that, and we’ll be behind them and support them.”

But ultimately, Jones made it clear that on gamedays, there will be no protests. We’ll have to see what the Cowboys players, the NFL and the NFLPA have to say about this, but it has certainly reopened the door for the debate.

Ed. Note from Dave Halprin —- On that note, as we debate it here at BTB, please remember that both sides have strongly-held opinions and are equally passionate. There is room to debate this, but trolling, abusive behavior and the like don’t need to enter the conversation. Stay civil while making your points, and all will be good.

Ed. Note from Dave Halprin —- Sadly, we’ve decided to close the comments on this thread. It just isn’t constructive anymore and is circling around on the same old ground. Let’s leave the anthem controversy parked in this thread and move on to Cowboys training camp practices and news.