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BTB mailbag: Do the Cowboys have a cut-off deadline for making a trade for Earl Thomas

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Tick tock, time is a wasting...

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Earl Thomas is reportedly selling his home. Maybe that’s the big-boy version of holding your breath until you get your way. He’s made his case clear - he wants a contract extension or to be traded to the Dallas Cowboys, which is really want anyone wants, right - more money or play for America’s Team. Seems like a reasonable request.

What is not working so far are the terms that the Seattle Seahawks are asking for Thomas’ services and what the Cowboys are willing to surrender in a trade. They seem to be a bit different in that regard. Is a deal on the horizon or will this thing drag at for all eternity? Eventually, there has to be a cutoff point, right? Well, that’s the topic of this mailbag question, brought to us by Matt.

Matt: I know this may seem silly and extremely arbitrary, but do you think Dallas has some sort of internal cutoff or trade deadline for Earl Thomas? Say he does not report to Seattle for camp. He plays the kind of position in which the term “football shape” definitely adheres to. It’s not like he can pull a (Aaron) Donald or (Le’Veon) Bell, and report right before opening day, slot right in and go play center field.

Yes, he and Coach (Kris) Richard know each other. Yes he is a very cerebral player.

But, I have to imagine there’s got to be a modicum of understanding when it comes to the system, no? Not to mention it took Bell a month to get up to the kind of speed and level of play we’re accustomed to seeing him at. That, and in season trades, well, let’s just say we are still waiting on Roy Williams to learn, well, anything.

It’s not like Dallas would potentially just stick him out there with no practice...with our schedule (especially those first few games where a blown coverage in the 4th quarter could cost us a W) that secondary better be ready to come out of the gate firing on all cylinders.

Or would they?

Tom Ryle: I think the important cutoff has already passed, and that was during the draft when the Cowboys and the Seahawks could not come to an agreement on a trade. Now, it seems that Dallas is just playing the waiting game, with no pressure to make anything happen. Despite all that Thomas is doing, such as holding out and reportedly putting his house on the market, the control rests with Seattle. If he is going to come back in on short notice, it will still most likely be with them, not the Cowboys. If a call comes into the Star (or Oxnard as the case may be) to discuss a trade, the Cowboys will certainly listen. But what they hear has to be to their liking, or they will pass and go with what they already have, plus possibly another safety. There are still some good free agents out there looking for work.

Danny Phantom: The Cowboys front office is a 365-day-a-year operation and there is never an absolute deadline regarding the available of a player. Well, that is unless they retire and go broadcast for a major network. All bets are off then.

Even thought there may not be a hard cut-off date, there could be various checkpoints at which certain conditions change. The health and performance of both the Cowboys and the Seahawks other safeties can rock the boat in terms of what Earl Thomas’ value is to each respective team. And it’s possible something happens that pulls the rug out of any potential deal. A Seahawks injury or an impressive training camp by Xavier Woods could push the teams too far apart from any type of mutual agreement. In contrast, a Cowboys injury or a good showing from Seattle’s defensive backs could bring them closer together. The more time that passes, however, the more the asking price drops and any leverage the Seahawks have is slowly drifting out the Puget Sound.

Thomas is the type of player that can step in and be an asset right out of the gate. The Cowboys can hold out as long as they want to with this one, which could end up being next offseason when Thomas enters free agency.