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Report: Dez Bryant’s representatives have spoken to the Cleveland Browns about a one-year deal

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This could actually happen.

Cleveland Browns v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

On Wednesday word broke that the Cleveland Browns had internally discussed adding Dez Bryant to their football team that’s looking to win a game for the first time since the 2016 season.

This was the first time a team has been publicly connected to Dez Bryant over the course of his now 100 day-long free agency (Dallas released him on April 13th) besides the Baltimore Ravens reported offer. At the time it was just word coming from Cleveland themselves, Dez didn’t exactly corroborate the idea.

Things took a bit of a turn in the positive momentum on Friday.’s Mary Kay Kabot reported that the Browns and Dez Bryant’s representatives have in fact had discussions on a possible one-year deal.

The Browns have reached out to Dez Bryant’s representatives about the three-time Pro Bowl receiver signing a one-year deal with the Browns, a league source told

If talks progress, Bryant will come to Cleveland to get a feel for the organization, and if all goes well, he could become a Brown.

Cleveland is a bit in a state of ambiguity concerning their top wideout, Josh Gordon. Josh did not report to the Browns training camp as part of an ongoing plan to better himself off of the field. That’s certainly an admirable reason, but Cleveland might find themselves in sudden need of a wide receiver. We’ve all seen what Dez Bryant can do, the question remains whether or not he can replicate it outside of Dallas and at his current age.

Dez Bryant would hardly be the first Dallas Cowboys receiver to be released after stardom with America’s Team to end up with the Browns. Miles Austin was released following the 2013 season (amid Dez’s incredible run, coincidentally) and found himself in Cleveland the season after.

What seemed like just an idea a few days ago now has legitimate legs and could actually happen. Time to wait and see.