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Dez Bryant just put Scott Linehan’s play calling on blast and called Sean Lee a snake

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Dez didn’t hold anything back.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Dez Bryant has been in the news for the first time in a while this week, and it’s largely been in connection to him potentially joining the Cleveland Browns.

This is training camp season. Each NFL training camp has its own miniature version of what Super Bowl radio row is where various players do interviews for all sorts of outlets.

Unsurprisingly, Sirius XM NFL Radio is interviewing NFL personalities and had a chat with Stephen Jones. They asked Stephen about Dak’s progression in his third season, and Stephen offered a few choice words regarding Dez Bryant.

It seems that Dez saw these words and wanted to offer his own on top of them. He heavily criticized Scott Linehan’s play-calling among other things.

Dez is not happy that he’s being painted out as a “scapegoat” although Stephen Jones didn’t totally do that. Stephen did say it was tough for Dak in 2017 with Dez “in his ear,” but Dez wasn’t having any of it.

Dez outright accuses the Cowboys of “lining up in the same spot for 17 weeks” which isn’t his first shot at Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. Dez accused the Cowboys offense of being predictable when the season ended, and it seems that his feelings haven’t changed.

Moreover, Dez essentially called Sean Lee a “snake.” We’ve heard him call out the “Garrett guys” before, Sean Lee is definitely someone who looks out for the sake of the team over anything else.

The Cleveland Browns may get Dez Bryant soon. Hopefully they don’t line up in the same spot for 17 weeks.

Update: 6:59pm ET

Dez specified his Sean Lee comments. He’s now accused The General of being “behind” his outing in Dallas.

Update: 7:53pm ET

The audio from Stephen Jones speaking to Sirius XM NFL Radio has been posted. When you listen to it, there’s nothing defamatory being said about Dez Bryant at all.

Stephen likens Dez to Jason Witten. He notes that those “great” players want the ball. Unfortunately you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube, but Dez might be wishing that he heard this first.