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Earl Thomas liked an Instagram post urging him to go to Dallas, noting the Legion of Boom was done

Time for some detective work on the Earl Thomas situation.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We’ll forever remember this offseason as the one where Earl Thomas was connected to the Dallas Cowboys.

Whether that connection will ultimately result in anything is still to be determined, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to take note of. This whole thing literally started because Earl ran down Jason Garrett (you know the story by heart), everything else has been layered on top.

Thanks to a tip from a user by the name of Lee on Twitter we have a new layer to discuss. Some time on Monday afternoon, Earl liked a post on Instagram urging him to head to Dallas.

If it wasn’t obvious the user by the name of “earl” is indeed Thomas, and he’s only inciting the hysteria by liking this post.

The Legion of Boom does appear to be over thanks to the recent “unofficial” retirement of Earl’s fellow Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. We discussed how Seattle could be in a bit of a fire sale mode when it comes to purging Thomas, but that also remains to be seen.

What do you make of Earl’s latest Instagram “like”? Is he trying to tell us something? Is it more of the same? Is it nothing at all? Time will tell.

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