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Dak Prescott a longshot to win NFL MVP, but that’s not his game

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The Cowboys QB isn’t exactly a favorite to take home an MVP award, but it really doesn’t matter.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like gambling odds are becoming more prevalent by the day. With the recent legalization of sports gambling in states across the country, sports odds are making their way into all kinds of media. With the start of the NFL season approaching, odds have been revealed as to which players have the best chances to win the most prestigious awards in the NFL for the 2018 season. According to one service, Dak Prescott is 17th in line (+3500) to win the NFL MVP award. That’s pretty far down the list even behind guys like Derek Carr and Andrew Luck. In fact, Prescott is the last quarterback until you start getting into other positions like LeVeon Bell at 18th and Todd Gurley at 20th

A lot has happened in the past year for the the Dallas Cowboys. Suspensions have come and gone and come again, roster turnover has occurred, future Ring of Honor players have departed, but the Cowboys still have their core intact with Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and the offensive line still playing huge roles.

Entering the third year of his career, all eyes will be on Prescott after an inconsistent campaign in his sophomore year preceded by a dazzling rookie season. It seemed that Prescott was on his way to another productive season at the helm of Scott Linehan’s offense. But the absence of Tyron Smith paired with the suspension to Elliott led to a lack of production and inconsistency.

With Elliott back in the fold and the offensive line seemingly upgraded after the decision to draft second-round pick Connor Williams, Prescott’s prospects for success have definitely received an uptick. He will obviously need help from his supporting cast, one that is quite proven talent. However, Prescott was not that far away from winning the MVP Award in 2016 during his rookie year.

Since the 2017 season, the Cowboys have seen two of their franchise playmakers leave. The team cut ties with Dez Bryant on April 13th, a few days after signing Allen Hurns in free agency. During the NFL Draft, Jason Witten declared his intent to leave the football field in exchange for the broadcasting booth.

While Dallas will still have their run game ready for the upcoming season, there is a lot of uncertainty at the receiver position. Knowing that, defenses will key in on stopping the run to make the Cowboys beat them via the passing game. That is where we will find out if Prescott has improved since 2017. His knock last year was that he was unable to do it by himself, instead needing Elliott to pave the way for success. Prescott has to prove this part of his game and he will have to do so with a group of receivers that is unproven.

With the injury to sixth-round pick Cedrick Wilson, the room becomes a bit smaller, but the Cowboys are still dealing with a crowded group. Prescott’s 2018 season will be easier if he receives help from guys like Hurns, Terrance Williams, and Cole Beasley.

Prescott’s chances of are long to win the NFL MVP Award, at least in the eyes of the gambling gurus. The likelihood is that there are too many quarterbacks in pass-heavy offenses that will warrant consideration for the award. And while people and media have ridiculed the Cowboys for their questionable cast of characters at the skill positions, the reality is that this offense does not need to have blue-chip talent at wide receiver and tight end for it to produce.

The core of the offense and where the unit will excel stems from the talent the Cowboys have acquired their offensive line. With this group in front of them, both Prescott and Elliott can guide this team back to the playoffs.

For the people that come to this article trying to figure out if the odds are worth it, I would say that there are players with similar odds who may be worth it, but Prescott is in an offense that doesn’t accentuate a drive for MVP. Of course, winning that award is not really what he’s after. The chances for him to win the award definitely qualify as “long shot”, but Prescott is in prime position to have a career year in his third NFL season. Playing within the system, he can lead the Cowboys back to where they want to go - the playoffs.