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Jason Garrett press conference: Versatility is key

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The head coach keeps us up-to-date on 2018 training camp.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is rolling along and our coverage rolls along as we check in with the head coach at his press conference today.

Jason Garrett took the podium on Tuesday. Here’s what he had to say.

The Cowboys receivers are working hard

There’s no question that there’s a new crop of receivers on the Dallas Cowboys.

Garrett noted that all of the Cowboys receivers can do a lot of things. He said there is an emphasis on route-running and that he thinks guys are picking it up. When asked specifically about Cole Beasley playing outside he noted that Cole is capable and that they’re welcoming versatility.

Terrance Williams has done a “nice job” so far

T-Will is one of the veteran presences in the receiving room, but he’s coming off of a foot injury this offseason. Coach Garrett noted that Terrance has done a nice job so far, but that they’re not necessarily trying to go too fast with him too early in his recovery.

Jamize Olawale is also very versatile

When the Cowboys traded for Jamize Olawale, many scoffed. He’s a fullback in name, but he’s a versatile weapon the Cowboys can use all over the offense.

Jason Garrett echoed this sentiment and noted that they’ve obviously seen Olawale before, but that they kept a watchful eye on him when he was in Oakland. He said he’s developed nicely and is fitting in well. They can use him in a variety of situations, he’s athletic, he can pass protect and more.

Special teams are definitely going to be interesting

When asked about special teams varieties Jason Garrett noted that you have an ideal “mode” for your team. He said that theoretically you want your starters to perform their function and special teams guys to perform theirs, but things get jumbled.

Garrett discussed how with a younger team like the current Cowboys things might also be a little less traditional. So get ready to see some differences.

Jihad Ward is doing what the Cowboys ask of him

Maliek Collins and David Irving are both out along the interior of the defensive line, and that’s made a lot of people look to Jihad Ward as someone that can step up (get to know him through my interview with him right here).

Coach Garrett noted that Jihad has done a great job so far of simply doing what the Cowboys ask. There’s a belief that he could be someone special under Rod Marinelli’s supervision, it seems we’re on track for that so far throughout training camp.