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Cowboys could wear their navy top and white bottoms jerseys more often in 2018

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For those that care about NFL fashion.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Last season the Cowboys wore a jersey combination that they never had before in their storied history.

This sounds trivial, but it’s a big deal to some. Dallas doesn’t tend to mix things up ever when it comes to their jersey as their classic white tops are the most worn uniform in the NFL.

When the Cowboys traveled to New York last season and the Giants were wearing their color rush jerseys which just happened to be white, Dallas needed a plan and it was actually Dez Bryant who suggested an alternative idea... navy tops and the color rush white bottoms.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

People liked the look and it made for a nice bit of pop that didn’t deviate too far from the Cowboys uniform many people know and love. We could potentially be seeing it more often this season.

According to Albert Breer in this week’s MMQB, the NFL may be loosening the reigns on uniform policy. Teams can wear alternate get-ups up to three times this season.

Want some uniform news? The NFL is relaxing its policy so that teams will now be able to wear their alternates/throwbacks or color rush jerseys on three occasions during the season. It used to be that teams could only wear the former twice, but this gives teams the option to wear them three times.

Dallas has worn their color rush once per season since 2015. They typically wear navy one to two times per season as well and have done so on Thanksgiving every year since 2013 when they could no longer wear their throwbacks due to restrictions on switching helmets.

Typically Dallas wears their navy uniforms earlier in the season when they’re on the road and teams want to wear white in the September sun. Dallas visits Carolina in Week 1 (they wore navy tops when they visited the Panthers in October of 2012) so this is definitely possible. Personally I’d love to see the Cowboys rock blue tops on the road in Washington when they visit in mid-October. There’s just something about road blues in Washington, man.

The Cowboys actually host the Redskins on Thanksgiving as well so we could get those blues then. Dallas amazingly has worn four different uniform combinations against Washington in the last four games.

Dallas hosts New Orleans seven days after Thanksgiving on Thursday Night Football. This is when they wore their color rush jerseys last year (also against Washington), but the Saints also have a white color rush jersey, so who knows what that could end up being.

All in all there’s a possibility that the Cowboys are a teeny bit more creative this season when it comes to jerseys, but don’t hold your breath.