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Cowboys News: Zeke fraternizes with the New York Giants in the offseason

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Plus, Michael Gallup has the best pet ever.

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Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Zeke’s NFL training partners might rub Cowboys fans the wrong way - Peter Dawson, Star Telegram

This is usually the time of year where several NFL players from different teams get together to work out and train for training camp. Ezekiel Elliott, however, seems to be associating with several NFC East rivals.

Of course, Cowboys fans do love that the headlines Elliott is generating this year are very different from last year.

Michael Gallup explains why his unique pet has him “fitting right in” with the Cowboys - Jon Machota, DMN

Lots of NFL players have their own beloved pets. For most of them, that’s a dog or a cat, maybe a hamster or gerbil. But rookie wide receiver Michael Gallup has a unique pet that matches perfectly with both his last name and his new team.

“I have a horse,” [Gallup] said.

The third-round pick went on to explain that his pet’s name is Dan. He’s been in Gallup’s family for the last seven years.

Dan lives on a ranch in Watkinsville, Georgia, with Gallup’s sister. There are no plans to bring him to Dallas.

”It’s pretty hot in Georgia, but it’s really hot here,” Gallup said. “My sister did rodeos when she was in high school, so we’ve always had a couple horses at the house, but I claimed Dan.”

La’el Collins: playing for Cowboys has exceeded my expectations “times ten” - Jon Machota, DMN

Entering his fourth year in Dallas, La’el Collins is firmly entrenched as the starting right tackle. Cowboys fans should be happy to know that Collins is very satisfied with America’s Team.

The team’s starting right tackle now says his NFL experience has exceeded the expectations he had back on that May evening at Jones’ home.

”Honestly, it’s that times 10,” Collins said. “I never knew what it was like being a Cowboy. Now that I’m going into my fourth year, I really understand what it’s like and it’s great. I think about it all over again and I would have come here every time. It’s been a blessing. Just looking forward to the future and what it holds for us.”

Cliff Avril: We knew Earl Thomas loves the Cowboys, but didn’t take it seriously – Josh Alper, ProFootballTalk
Defensive end Cliff Avril said on Sirius XM NFL Radio that Thomas’ love for the Cowboys was an open secret, though the Seahawks locker room paid it little mind.

“Everyone in [the Seahawks] locker room knows Earl loves the Cowboys,” Avril said. “He’d leave immediately after work just to catch them play Monday Night Football. We didn’t take it too serious. Whatever team he dresses up for he’s gonna do his thing.”

Trade chatter has died down, but it could spark up again if Thomas is going to hold out of camp and the Seahawks decide to continue their roster overhaul by shipping him out of town. If they do, Thomas’ eyes likely won’t be the only ones on Dallas as a potential landing spot.

With a year in Rod Marinelli’s system under his belt, what’s in store for Cowboys DE Taco Charlton in second season? - Jori Epstein, DMN

Taco Charlton was the Cowboys’ first round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, so expectations were high. Going into his second season, Charlton is looking to meet those expectations. DeMarcus Lawrence seems to think he’ll do just that.

“I feel like Taco had a pretty good rookie season,” Lawrence said. “You all take away the light that he was playing behind me so it wasn’t like he could get as many reps as he needed. This year I feel like he’s going to come along and take you all by storm.” Charlton, whom Lawrence has taken under his wing, agrees. He’s gained confidence and familiarity with Dallas’ system this offseason and hopes to capitalize on defenses trying to chip the productive Lawrence.

This play essentially sums up what the Cowboys are getting in Allen Hurns - Jon Machota, SportsDay
Machota looks at a play that saw Hurns crawling out of bounds after suffering a high ankle sprain to save time. The play was so pivotal, Hurns was praised by his teammates after the game.

"All the players told me how much they appreciated it, especially with how much pain I was in," he said. "They said it was a heads up play and I could've been very selfish and just stayed out there. It was very appreciated in the building."

WATCH: Lance Lenoir puts in work before training camp - Sam Quinn, 247 Sports

Wide receiver Lance Lenoir has recently been impressing plenty of people with his workout videos that showcase his route running and athleticism. As training camp approaches, Lenoir is making a push to earn a roster spot.

Cowboys legend Drew Pearson fulfills dream with cameo on “The Young and the Restless” - Will Brinson, CBS Sports

Apparently, Drew Pearson loves soap operas. And now he gets to do something he’s always wanted to do: star in his favorite soap opera, “The Young and the Restless.”

“I couldn’t tell the other guys I was watching ‘Young and the Restless,’ OK? I couldn’t tell my teammates,” Pearson said, laughing. “They might have questioned my toughness or something like that. I became a fan then.”

But “The Young and the Restless” isn’t just some fun little obsession for Pearson to spend his free time. He says he learned a lot about being a ruthless businessman by watching Braeden’s character run his different business enterprises.

”What drew me to the show more than anything was the business aspect,” Pearson explained. “What drew me to Victor Newman was his business acumen, how he ran Newman Enterprises, how he handled his people and how he got his family involved and all that kind of stuff. How he used to work these deals to try and stick it to Jack, you know?”

Cowboys’ offensive line one of the best at inside zone runs in 2017 - Pro Football Focus

While the Great Wall of Dallas in 2017 wasn’t as dominant as it has been in the past, it turns out that the Cowboys were still one of the best at inside zone runs, tying for third in yards before contact per attempt.

Daryl Johnston has a theory on why Dez Bryant is unsigned - Sam Quinn, 247 Sports

Cowboys legend Daryl Johnston thinks that one of the reasons Dez Bryant is still a free agent has something to do with how picky he’s being.

“I’m surprised that he turned down the Baltimore offer. I thought that was an offer that was going to exceed anything he was going to get on the free agent market.

“So when you turn that one down, I think you send a message too to the rest of the league that probably has their financial parameters in place as to what they would like to sign you at and when you say no to that, ‘Well, he’s definitely going to say no to what we’re going to offer because can’t even come close to those numbers.’

How the Dallas Cowboys Became “America’s Team” - Kristi Scales, 5 Points Blue
In case you haven’t heard this before, or in case you’d like to hear it again:

The credit for coining the phrase “America’s Team” belongs to NFL Films. In 1979 when NFL Films editor-in-chief Bob Ryan was working on the Cowboys’ highlights from their 1978 season, he needed to write some extra copy for the video’s narration. While editing video he noticed that, during road games, there were people in the stands with Cowboys jerseys and hats.

That led Ryan to pen the following words which were voiced by legendary NFL narrator John Facenda:

“Cowboy goals are lofty: win the National Football Conference title, then the Super Bowl. This is usually attainable. For as their fans well know, the sum total of their stars make-up a galaxy. Their record is envied. And their innovations are copied down to the last glamorous detail. They appear on television so often that their faces are as familiar to the public as presidents and movie stars. They are the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team.”

Ryan also included “America’s Team” in the title of the highlight video. The term was then picked up by broadcasters and used on game day telecasts early in the 1979 season. The nickname stuck, much to the delight of Cowboys fans and management.

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