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Here’s how some of the Cowboys spent the 4th of July

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Here’s how America’s Team spent America’s birthday.

Dak Prescott on Instagram

It’s always interesting when holidays fall in the middle of the week.

Sometimes people make the most out of it and turn the festivities into one whole long weekend, other times people just accept the gift of an off day in the middle of normal routine.

July 4th is one of the last hurrahs specifically for NFL players because later this month they’ll report to training camp and begin a grind that (hopefully) won’t end until right before Valentine’s Day. It’s a long time to have your breath under water so to speak, so some people celebrate with one last big gulp of air.

Some members of the Cowboys chose to share their Independence Day activities on social media. It was a mix of fun and work.

Connor Williams was all about that firework action

This is quite the pose.

Receivers and defensive backs worked out together

This particular video was posted by Lance Lenoir, so he was there, too. Lance has actually been posting a ton of workout videos as of late, and it’s great to see him working with some of the team’s more veteran players.

Chidobe Awuzie even showed off his backwards hops

How badly would you hurt yourself if you tried this?

Allen Hurns looks solid as far as what we’ve gotten to see

We’ll really get a chance to see what Hurns is made of later this month in Oxnard, but everything we’ve seen so far is worth being pleased about. Quick feet, Allen!

Dak hung out with Shaq

Shaq is a proud Cowboys fan, and he’s been hanging out with a lot of them lately (he dwarfed Tyron Smith). He may have Prescott on size, but Dak is definitely in better shape than the 2018 version of the Big Diesel. That’s got to count for something, right?