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Cowboys news: Celebrating America and America’s Team

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Plus some backup QB stuff and the rest of the news you want.

Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

Don't doubt the popularity of America's Team - Selena Sixtos, Dallas Sports Fanatic
This 4th of July flavored post looks at the continuing high sales of Cowboys jerseys.

Fans are proud to showcase their favorite Cowboys because that’s how America’s Team works. You’ll see these jerseys across the country, across the world because everyone wants to be relevant to one of the best franchises in sports history. It takes a lot of energy and will to be a loyal Cowboys fans, but one thing remains true: the Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team.

A look at how the Dallas Cowboys became known as 'America's Team' | Kristi Scales, SportsDay
By now, most of you have heard the tale of how NFL Films was responsible for the Cowboys' nickname, "America's Team". But you may not know what the motivation was for coming up with such a positive moniker.

The problem for Ryan in 1979 was that the Cowboys' 1978 season ended in despair with a loss to the Steelers in Super Bowl XIII. How was he supposed to put lipstick on that pig? After all, there is no way to portray another Super Bowl loss in a positive light.

Will Cowboys Be Able to Carry 3 QBs Once Again? - Mauricio Rodriguez, Inside the Star
A lot of 53 man roster projections have the Cowboys keeping both Cooper Rush and Mike White to back up Dak Prescott. But given the needs at other positions like wide receiver, defensive end, and safety, that may not be as certain as many think.

The Dallas Cowboys will have to decide between going heavy at these positions with players that are more likely to contribute on the field in 2018 and keeping a third-string promising young player at the most important position of all: the quarterback position.

It's a tough call and one that will add some extra flavor to the position battles in training camp. The Cowboys have a deep roster and that will show in July and in August, when the preseason comes around. Surely, the QB battle between Mike White and Cooper Rush will manage to be one of the most intriguing ones, given that they won't only be fighting to be Dak Prescott's backup, but to be on the 53-man roster in September.

Could a Rookie Backup Dak Prescott for 2nd Consecutive Year? - Brian Martin, Inside the Star
If Dallas does only go with two QBs on the roster, that backup may not be the one who filled the position last season.

I for one think Mike White is up to the challenge and can really push Cooper Rush. For one, I had White graded much higher as a QB prospect coming out of college then Rush. I gave White a late third, early fourth-round grade and Rush a seventh-round, priority free agent grade. So, maybe I'm a little biased, but I like White's skill set more.

As you can imagine, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Mike White ends up being the Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback this season. A lot of fans didn't like the fact the Cowboys used a draft pick on a QB, but I believe White has a chance to start in the NFL at some point. I like his skill set that much.

Cowboys QB Mike White Reacts to Madden NFL Speed Rating - Sean Martin, Inside the Star
Sometimes, you're just happy to be there. That was the case for Mike White, who wound up in a video promoting Madden 19.

In this promotional video, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Mike White makes a quick appearance in among stars like Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Josh Allen. All going in the first round and projected to at least compete for starting jobs, White was a fifth round pick at 171st overall by the Cowboys.

"A 70 speed...let's go!" - Cowboys QB Mike White

The Western Kentucky passer will look to push Cooper Rush for the backup spot to Dak Prescott, coming in with impressive traits and career numbers. The number White reacts to glowingly in this video is his Madden speed rating, starting off his career with a 70.

Can Daniel Ross be Cowboys next David Irving-eque breakout PS steal? | K.D. Drummond, Cowboys Wire
One thing the Cowboys have not really sought is a big, run-stuffing 1 tech DT. But it just so happens, they may have one in 6-4, 325 lb Daniel Ross.

Daniel Ross is a big dude with a small profile. He’s hoping to change all of that in 2018 and the journey starts when the Dallas Cowboys report to training camp later this month. Once the team arrives in Oxnard, Ross is already in a better situation than he started the calendar year in. Starting one-technique Maliek Collins is dealing with a broken foot. Starting three-technique David Irving is already suspended for the first four games of the regular season.

That means that the down-the-line players on the interior will get a greater chance to show what they can do and impress defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli and assistant line coach Leon Lett. Ross is going to have to take advantage of those opportunities.

16) How Does TE Sort Out Post-Witten? - Dallas Cowboys staff
How the Cowboys will fill the void left by Jason Witten is a pre-camp topic. Here's one of the opinions offered.

Nick Eatman: Interesting question because depending on the wording, you could get four different answers. Who will open training camp as the starter? I’d say Swaim. Who will open the regular season as the starter? I’d say Jarwin. Who would the Cowboys prefer wins the job outright? I’d say Schultz. And would the fans want to win this job? I’d say Gathers. That’s why it’s tricky and one that won’t be answered completely while we’re at camp. Overall, I think Jarwin is the most complete of the tight ends and I think he’ll start most of the games this year. That doesn’t mean Swaim won’t have a few more catches. And yes, I think Rico sticks around again somehow.

Life Without Dez & Jason: Good or Bad for Cowboys? - Inside the Star staff
I didn't choose this because it kinda falls in line with my own expectations. Really. Not at all.

The offensive line is still improving, which is great news for the 2018 season. With Zeke in the backfield and these new receivers, we should see a little bit better of a balance in the passing attack even without the presence of Witten. Opposing defenses will be kept honest, both near and far.

So what are the Cowboys’ chances? According to Las Vegas, the Eagles are still the odds-on favorites to win the NFC East at -175, with the Cowboys as the second most likely with odds of +320. If you don’t understand these odds, you can learn to bet on sports and the basics of odds in a matter of minutes.

Losing Jason Witten hurts, but I feel like Dez Bryant is a non-factor with the way the offense is shaping up. And though life without them will be different, we have a strong team coming into this campaign.

Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott working out with Odell and New York Giants? Just like old times (Kinda) - Mike Fisher, 247 Sports
Some have raised their eyebrows about Ezekiel Elliott spending offseason time working with players from the "enemy camp", AKA the New York Giants. But it actually makes some sense - and proves that on-field rivalry does not mean personal enmity.

Saquon Barkley is the star rookie running back of the Giants, about ready to join receivers Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard in terms of being high-profile. Some are billing Ezekiel Elliott's participation as "unusual.'' But, in fact, it's not unique at all. Pro athletes' home bases, agents' based and training bases are often in Southern California, a fact that is especially convenient for Elliott, as on July 24 he'll be joining the rest of his Cowboys teammates in reporting to training camp in Oxnard. In past years, quarterback Tony Romo was among the Cowboys who would arrive in California a few days early to work out.

League’s Best LB Is Waiting In Week 1 - Bryan Broaddus, Dallas Cowboys
This is the latest installment in a series that looks at some top opposing players for this season, starting with one they'll face right out the gate.

For one reason or another, Luke Kuechly reminds me of Tyron Smith.

That sounds like a strange comparison. Kuechly and Smith don’t play the same position -- they don’t even play the same side of the ball. They also weren’t drafted in the same year.

Where they’re similar, though, is their career trajectory. Both players were drafted in the top 10, and they caught on quickly. It didn’t take either guy a long time to become established, and as they enter the veteran phase of their career, they’re widely regarded as the best in the league at their positions.

Fortunately for the Cowboys, Smith plays for them. In Kuechly’s case, he’ll present a challenge for them to overcome in Week 1.

And finally, presented without comment: