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Who would make your Mount Rushmore of Dallas Cowboys?

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It’s tough to pick just four.

Cowboys v Chargers Photo by Ken Levine/Getty Images

July 4th calls for a lot of different America-themed celebrations, and the fine folks at are no different.

A popular exercise within sports fandom is to comprise a Mount Rushmore of [insert whatever you want here]. There are the finest quartets of players/coaches across all of sports, and many times people have debated the Mount Rushmore of Dallas Cowboys.

We polled some of you from the official BTB Twitter account and there are a lot of suggestions for a Cowboys version of Mount Rushmore.

The group of largest vote-getters is easily Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Bob Lilly, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and Jason Witten. Players like Tony Dorsett, Jay Novacek, and Tony Romo got a handful of votes, and a lot of people want to include Jimmy Johnson.

It’s extremely difficult to narrow this process down to just four players and/or coaches. Tom Landry served as the team’s head coach for nearly three decades and is responsible for so much of who the Cowboys are, his spot seems obvious.

It all depends on what you believe your Mount Rushmore should do and have. Do you want it to touch every generation of the team? In that respect it does makes sense to have Coach Landry, perhaps Roger Staubach, a 90s triplet, and Jason Witten. Perhaps you believe it should simply be the franchise’s greatest four players only or that Jerry Jones and/or Tex Schramm deserve a spot on the monument. The NFL’s all-time leading rusher surely deserves a spot. It’s tough cookies.

Who makes your Mount Rushmore of Dallas Cowboys, BTB? I’m sure we’ll all agree on everything.