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Report: DeMarcus Lawrence, Cowboys expected to talk contract extension in coming week

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Could Tank and the Cowboys actually work out a long-term deal in a short time?

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Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

In this dead period of the Cowboys offseason, there is some potential news that is surfacing. Multiple sources have reported that the Dallas Cowboys and DeMarcus Lawrence could begin contract negotiations next week. Both Albert Breer of MMQB, and Calvin Watkins of the Athletic, have reported that they expect Lawrence’s representation and Cowboys officials to sit down and possibly start negotiating a long-term deal.

Quotes from Albert Breer’s article show optimism that both parties would like to get something done before the start of the season. It all comes down to which side is willing to budge.

Next time you hear from me in this space, the July 16 deadline to sign franchise-tagged players to extensions will have come and gone. Predictions?

Things have been quiet in regard to Cowboys DE Demarcus Lawrence, but I think Dallas will take a late stab at finding a compromise.

This quote was included in Breer’s Monday article for But the rumors didn’t stop there. On Thursday, Calvin Watkins of the Athletic wrote an article titled “Why haven’t the Cowboys extended DeMarcus Lawrence?”. In his article, Watkins included another hint at a possible sit down between Lawrence’s party and Cowboys officials.

The question comes down to his true worth. A source tells The Athletic, Lawrence is seeking a five-year deal, and he’s playing the waiting game. There is an expectation the two sides will talk next week in an attempt to get things going.

As it stands now, all the rumors regarding a Lawrence contract extension are just that, rumors, but it is something to keep an eye on. With the money the Cowboys saved from Dez Bryant’s release, the team certainly has the funds to workout a long-term deal with the fifth-year pass rusher.

It could go either way. After a career filled with injuries, suspension, and inconsistency, the Cowboys might just wait for Lawrence to show them one more time how dominant of a player he is in 2018. On the other hand, the Cowboys could take a gamble and try to lock Lawrence up early instead of letting him play out the season on the franchise tag and then having to worry about an extension next season.