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What’s your favorite piece of Cowboys memorabilia?

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There’s a ton of great stuff out there.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Did you know that the Dallas Cowboys are the only NFL team to have their own line of pro shops?

For those that haven’t had an opportunity to hang out in the DFW area or the great state of Texas in general, I’m totally serious. There are Cowboys Pro Shops scattered all throughout the Lone Star State, there’s even one in Albuquerque. These are legitimate retail stores that sell nothing but Dallas Cowboys-related merchandise. Shirts, hats, jerseys, memorabilia, you name it and it’s there.

These pro shops serve as one of the many ways that Cowboys fans all over the world have built up their collections (shrines, really) marking their insane fandom. There are jerseys in closets all across the globe that serve as common-denominators that unite us all.

What piece of Cowboys memorabilia are you most proud of? What’s the story behind your special piece? We polled you all on the official BTB Twitter page, and here are some of the best answers.

People love their jerseys

There are a lot of great photos out there, too

Some people have signatures of sorts... permanent ones

There are more than just signed photos and body parts out there

Altogether there are some really incredible things in the world

What’s your favorite piece of Cowboys gear?