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Jason Garrett press conference: potential offensive line depth, Bo Scarbrough on special teams

The head coach keeps us up-to-date on 2018 training camp.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is rolling along and our coverage rolls along as we check in with the head coach at his press conference today.

Jason Garrett took the podium on Saturday. Here’s what he had to say (all answers are paraphrases of Garrett, not direct quotes).

Things are still on an individual basis for everyone, including Randy Gregory

Jason Garrett was asked if the Cowboys would work guys more now that a preseason game is in the books (i.e., Randy Gregory) on Saturday. He noted that things would still be taken on a player-by-player basis and that there isn’t a blanket rule that they use for the whole group.

Michael Gallup is on the rise but still has a lot to learn

There was definitely love shown for Michael Gallup and the touchdown that he caught in San Francisco, but Jason Garrett noted how much there is to learn. He said early in the route Gallup can be better and that the release isn’t where they want it to be, but that he finished it off the right way.

Joe Thomas has definitely made an impression on the Cowboys

When asked about linebacker Joe Thomas Jason Garrett basically recited his stat line from San Francisco. Thomas definitely stood out on Thursday night and earned appropriate props from the head coach for doing so. Jason Garrett noted that they’ve obviously liked Joe Thomas for a while and even called him a good football player (shocker).

Garrett ripped off a ton of generic compliments for Thomas (hustler, fast, hard-worker, etc.) and noted that he’s done a nice job so far for the Cowboys. Hooray for good jobs done.

The Cowboys “probably need to add” or could “at least look at adding somebody” in response to Marcus Martin’s injury

Word broke on Saturday that guard Marcus Martin tore a ligament in his right toe and that’s obviously not great news. Martin was expected to provide legitimate depth for the Cowboys this season but now won’t be able to.

We have yet to see who the Cowboys might target to replace Martin as offensive depth but it certainly seems like they’re planning on doing so.

Bo Scarbrough has “really embraced special teams”

Jason Garrett gave a great amount of time to discussing how much running back Bo Scarbrough has embraced special teams and even noted how difficult it can be for runners from schools like Alabama to do such a thing.

Typically players from big-time schools are used to that sort of thing, big-time usage. Bo is fighting for the team’s third running back spot and special teams are going to be a big component of that competition. It’s good to hear he’s doing well in it.

Randy’s development is all part of the “deliberate process”

When asked what went into the decision to up Randy Gregory’s involvement in team practice (the Cowboys are going at their own pace) Jason Garrett noted that it was just all part of the deliberate process.

There’s no playbook (forgive the pun) or right or wrong way to handle this. Randy’s is a very unique situation and the Cowboys know that. It serves them well to put together a plan that they believe makes sense for Gregory and Gregory within who they are and to stick to it.

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