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La’el Collins came pretty close to a couple of false starts in San Francisco

Let’s watch that a little bit.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The first drive of the game in San Francisco is one that many Dallas Cowboys fan were likely pleased with. The good guys took 10 plays to get in the endzone thanks to a 30-yard deep-ball touchdown pass from Dak Prescott to Michael Gallup. It momentarily quelled doubts born of training camp out in Oxnard, but as they say it was only one preseason game.

It’s actually difficult to find something to be disappointed with in terms of that opening drive, but if you’re being really picky, it’s possible. The Cowboys had almost all of their offensive starters out there (Ezekiel Elliott was on ice) so it’s great to see that unit functioning well.

The entire starters means the whole offensive line played on the drive for the Cowboys and it was hard not to pay a lot of attention to rookie left guard Connor Williams. Something else was hard to ignore throughout it all though, right tackle La’el Collins seemed just a bit jumpy.

Collins was never called for a false start penalty during the game, but he definitely came very close and arguably should have had a flag thrown. There were multiple instances on that drive where Collins was slightly ahead of the group, even on the touchdown pass to Gallup.

La’el doesn’t have a history of many false starts. He’s only been called for three across his whole career so far (two in 2015, one last season) so it’s not like we’re looking at something that is habitual or anything. It does need to be said though that this millisecond-early movement might draw a flag in the regular season, but hopefully it’s straightened out by then.

In all likelihood this was just a symptom of it being La’el’s (and everyone else’s) first action against a non-Cowboys group. Sometimes you have to shake a little bit of rust off. Let’s hope that was the case and that Collins and Co. continue to prosper.

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