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Jason Garrett: Travis Frederick having shoulder checked out by medical expert

The head coach keeps us up-to-date on 2018 training camp.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is rolling along and our coverage rolls along as we check in with the head coach at his press conference today.

Jason Garrett took the podium on Wednesday. Here’s what he had to say (all answers are paraphrases of Garrett, not direct quotes).

What’s the status with Travis Frederick?

He is having his shoulder checked out, he’s had some stingers lately and so we sent him to get it evaluated. Somewhere here or in Texas? Somewhere in Los Angeles. Is this related to him taking some days off at camp? Yes.

How has Joe Looney looked? He has done a nice job, when you get into backup spots, they’re playing with the 2s and 3s, so you’re not always getting the reps, but he’s had some time with the 1s and it has been a good training camp for him.

Is this an issue that Frederick hasn’t had before? He hasn’t had this issue before. Could it be a surgery situation? We’ll have more information later, don’t want to get into anymore now.

Dr. Robert Watkins in LA is the one examining Travis. Garrett also noted that the team will likely have more information by the end of Wednesday.

Dak Prescott has handled everything well

Jason Garrett gave Dak Prescott credit for handling everything well and noted that he had since joining the Cowboys two years ago. He gave credit to Prescott for being a great worker and having fantastic energy.

It’s great to see Dak in a leadership role, a point that Garrett echoed.

The Cowboys are excited to get back home

Jason Garrett said the Cowboys try to embrace each day, but they’ve been out in Oxnard for a long stretch of time at this point. It’s great to go train in an environment like California, but it’s understandable that the team would be ready to get back to their home spots.

Jourdan Lewis got a little bit of praise

A lot of people have been upset that Anthony Brown has been given slot corner reps over Jourdan Lewis, but Jaosn Garrett heralded them both. Both corners have been in positions where they had to play a lot as young players, we’re finally at a point where they’re savvy veterans that are going to be significant contributors.

Maliek Collins is day by day

Maliek Collins is day by day. Jason Garrett said that he won’t get live action just quite yet but noted that he’d done a nice job so far. Good for Maliek.

Marcus Martin was coming on before his injury

The Cowboys lost Marcus Martin for the season due to a toe injury and that’s unfortunate. Jason Garrett declined to go too far into this subject simply noting that they were going to “move guys around.”

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