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There are a wide-ranging number of ways to feel about Travis Frederick’s reported “stinger”

Let’s all feel together.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Garrett confirmed to the world on Wednesday that all-everything center Travis Frederick has what was termed multiple stingers recently.

Fredbeard is one of the best players on the Cowboys. He’s the epitome of excellence, talent, and up until this point, stability in terms of the health department. He has never missed a game/start for the Cowboys since being drafted in 2013.

There are a number of ways to react to the Travis news:

  • Be calm, cool, and collected. We don’t know much yet, so no use worrying.
  • Sit up in your chair to pay some mild attention. This is nothing now, but could be serious.
  • FREAK OUT. The world is ending.

We decided to get a feel for how the BTB community was feeling on Twitter. We’ve got answers from all over the spectrum.

It feels like there isn’t a way to feel that we didn’t touch on, but alas, odds are likely that you’ve got an emotion that we missed. Where do you fall? Chill, concerned, or panicked?

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