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Cowboys vs. Bengals: Play BTB Bingo throughout the game!

It’s bingo time!

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are playing a football game at AT&T Stadium today! This is not a drill! (Well, it is a preseason game).

It’s going to be great to watch the Cowboys play at home for the first time since Christmas Eve. In some ways it feels like the time flew by, in most ways it feels like it dragged on forever. Nevertheless, we officially made it.

As you enjoy tonight’s Cowboys game you can do so in parallel with a great tradition of ours - BTB Bingo. Here’s this week’s official card.

It’s been a big week for former Cowboys off of the field. Jason Witten had his first broadcast, DeMarco Murray is officially going to be a broadcaster, and Dez Bryant had a visit with the Cleveland Browns. You can bet those subjects will be hit on.

Perhaps the boldest square here is centered around Dorance Armstrong at B3. It calls for a sack, fumble, and recovery by the rookie, but if anyone can do it it’s obviously him (I’m only half joking).

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