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Cole Beasley practices without gloves and learned to do so from Randy Moss

Welcome to the glove-less life.

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There are lot of small things to notice during a football practice.

Obviously the big things stand out: touchdowns, hurdles, interceptions, you get the idea. We can learn a lot from practice, we can discern a great amount of information about each player and sequence.

When watching Cole Beasley practice out in Oxnard I noticed something unique to him when looking at all of the wide receivers... he practices without gloves.

Cole is the only Cowboys wide receiver who practices without gloves. Some players take them off for particular drills, but Cole goes glove-less all of the time. It’s interesting.

In fact when you look back there are multiple instances from multiple seasons of Cole going glove-less. See here and here. More often than not, Beasley ultimately ends up putting on gloves for the game, though.

Beasley finally shed some light on this issue on Wednesday out in Oxnard. It turns out Randy Moss inspired the no-gloves move in practice.

I trained with Randy Moss about two offseasons ago and he said you never wear gloves in practice. If you can catch without them, you can catch with them. I’ve kind of kept that with me so through camp and OTAs and practice I don’t wear them until game time comes.

The no-gloves look for Cole Beasley in practice time might sound trivial, but it’s something that he learned from Randy Moss. Yes, that Randy Moss, the one that’s going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend.

It’s interesting to learn things about the Cowboys in terms of how they approach what they’re doing and why they do certain things. Professional athletes can be creatures of habit in some regard, and it’s insightful to know where those habits begin.

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