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Cowboys staff writer on an Earl Thomas trade: “I’m borderline positive it’s going to happen”

Could a trade for Earl Thomas be right around the corner?

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You ever have that sixth sense that something’s about to go down? Well, that is the feeling that Dallas Cowboys staff writer Nick Eatman has regarding the possible trade for Seattle Seahawk’s All Pro safety Earl Thomas. Recently, on Cowboys Break he expressed his feelings on the issue:

Eatman: I’m a firm believer that where there’s smoke, there’s fire and there’s been a lot of smoke. I think this is going to happen. I just do. It’s going to happen.

I’ve had nobody in that organization tell me otherwise. I just think it’s going to happen. I’m borderline positive it’s going to happen. I’m serious. I just think it is.

Dave Helman would ask him, “Is that because you want it to happen?”

Eatman: No.

It’s like, what have they (Cowboys front office) done with that money? Nothing.

Who is emerging at safety?

Regarding Xavier Woods...

Eatman: He’s done fine, but he’s not to the point where we’re like nah, we don’t need a five-time Pro Bowler.

What is Earl Thomas doing right now? Nothing.

What are they (Seattle) going to get from him next year? Nothing.

Where does he want to be? He wants to be right here.

It’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen.

If you can get me a safety that is the best safety you’ve had since Darren “freaking” Woodson, then do it!

Eatman is very passionate in his belief that the team will go after Thomas. Of course, he’s not the only one. Recently, Todd Archer from ESPN predicted that the Cowboys would swing a deal for Thomas before the season begins.

The Cowboys and Seahawks talked about a deal at the combine and again during the draft but nothing came to fruition. Now that the players are on the field and Thomas appears willing to stick to his play-me-or-trade-me stance, the two sides can get back to talking about a deal. The Cowboys have not addressed the position in a meaningful way in the draft or free agency. They like Jeff Heath and Xavier Woods as a pairing now, but Thomas is one of the top safeties in the NFL. They have the wherewithal to give him a new deal or allow him to play on the final year of his contract in terms of salary cap space. Given how long there has been a Thomas-to-the-Cowboys, there just seems to be too much smoke for it not to happen. -- Todd Archer

And now there’s the latest from Adam Shefter:

There are a lot of reasons to believe that a deal will go down. We know for certainty that the Cowboys are interested in Thomas based on previous trade talks and we have somewhat of a gauge as to what they’d be willing to give up. They could just be waiting out the Seahawks until the asking price falls into their range. With every new day, the cost of acquiring Thomas is dropping. He’s not in camp and unless the Seahawks plan on throwing a lot of money his way, his days in Seattle are coming to an end.

It’s also easy to come to the conclusion that the Cowboys would be willing to pony up an extension for Thomas should a trade be made. They are not going to deal away quality draft capital for a one-year rental. With recent big moves like releasing Dez Bryant, the Cowboys have extra cap space to absorb Thomas’ cost.

Acquiring a player like Thomas would really bolster the Cowboys secondary and be a nice add to help the team make a deep playoff run. It’s reminiscent of back in the ‘90s when the Cowboys pulled off a trade to get defensive star Charles Haley from another NFC competitor. It was the missing piece that helped propel them into Super Bowl greatness.

The Cowboys have a plan. Credit them for staying disciplined and seeing if they can hold their breath longer than the Seahawks. The further we get through camp, the bluer in the face the Seahawks front office are going to get. When the moments right, don’t be surprised to see the Cowboys pull the trigger on a deal and that day could be right around the corner. I can just feel it.

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