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George Iloka agrees to terms with the Minnesota Vikings, who are not the Dallas Cowboys


NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Minicamp Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Things have been just a little bit more interesting regarding the Cowboys safety position since Sunday morning because the Cincinnati Bengals, who Dallas just played, released veteran safety George Iloka.

It took all but two seconds for people to start beating the Iloka-to-Dallas drum (“he can just stay in Dallas since they just played!”) which in all honesty made an enormous amount of sense. The Cowboys needed safety help before their game against Iloka’s Bengals and during it lost Jameill Showers for the year and Xavier Woods for some time.

Dallas was reportedly interested in the Boise State product (shocking, right?) and ultimately did sign two safeties on Monday and Tuesday... neither of them were George Iloka. Maybe the Cowboys tried to nab George and it didn’t work out, maybe they didn’t try too hard, we’ll never know. What do know now is that George has a new team and it’s the Minnesota Vikings.

It bears repeating that we don’t know to what extent the Cowboys tried to sign Iloka so giving them grief for not doing so isn’t completely fair. Domenick Sanders and Jeron Johnson aren’t exactly answers at the position either, but there is of course a break-the-glass-in-case-of-emergency option that we have yet to see the Cowboys fully execute. To be fair, though, that is as much of a dream as it ever has been, at least for the moment.

Here’s what we know now. Xavier Woods is hurt, Jeff Heath is the GOAT, Kavon Frazier is an option to help, George Iloka is a Viking, and that’s about it. Hopefully we know more sooner rather than later.

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