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The latest update makes it feel like an Earl Thomas trade isn’t happening

But... please?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

There was a point in time back in the offseason where Earl Thomas being traded to the Dallas Cowboys felt like a freight train moving at the speed of sound. It felt unstoppable and inevitable.

So much of the coal that fueled this engine was mined on the streets of Instagram where Earl Thomas kept dropping bread crumbs and seemingly winking at America’s Team. Try as we all might to make it happen ourselves, neither the Cowboys nor Seahawks have apparently budged on whatever may or may not be holding things up.

Jerry Jones somewhat addressed the situation on Friday (you have to be careful to avoid tampering) which when said aloud would make you think the engine would receive one of those blocks from Back To The Future Part III that upped the available speed several notches. Unfortunately, really surprisingly, it feels like we might be slowing down.

The Cowboys have issues at safety, many would say they’ve had them for some time now. While Dallas has seemed confident in the trio of Jeff Heath, Xavier Woods, and Kavon Frazier that confidence took a hit last Sunday when Xavier suffered a hamstring injury. Even if you felt like these three were the answer, an injury to 33% of them would likely impact your way of thinking.

We saw the Cowboys go out and get Domenick Sanders and Jeron Johnson while the recently-released George Iloka reunited with Mike Zimmer in Minnesota. The state of the safety position continues to read in a “they can’t really think that this is a good plan, right?” way yet there isn’t a move happening and we’re about two weeks out from kickoff in Week 1.

There are many hopeful Earl Thomas truthers that will likely read into Jerry’s comments on Friday as posturing and not being totally forthcoming in an effort to downplay Earl’s inevitable arrival in Dallas, but that possibility seems slimmer than ever. If the Cowboys and Seahawks were truly going to strike a deal on the still-holding-out Thomas then logic says it would have happened already.

None of this is meant to say that Earl Thomas can’t end up with the Cowboys at some point this season, but every day that goes by the possibility shrinks just a little (many would still persist that it grows considering Thomas is still holding out). Jerry Jones dodging the topic like the legendary Patches O’Houlihan only seems to corroborate this idea.

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