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Cowboys vs. Cardinals: Reviewing all the highs and lows of the Cowboys 27-3 loss

What an ugly game, let’s relive it!

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t pretty as the Cowboys were blown out 27-3 by the Cardinals. Let’s break down how it happened, and what else occurred during the game.

First Quarter

The Cowboys got the ball first! What else is new? A few short plays later Cooper Rush and company were forced to punt.

On the Cardinals first possession, Sam Bradford (he’s still getting paid?) tries to connect with J.J. Nelson but Byron Jones delivers the hit to break up the pass.

On 3rd down, Randy Gregory blazes past the tackle for the SACK on Sam Bradford forcing the punt on 4th & 15:

On the punt, Byron Jones...What are you doing?!

When it rains it pours as Kavon Frazier dings up his shoulder defending a pass on the next series:

That safety position is getting downright ugly for the Dallas Cowboys:

Thankfully, the Cardinals were unable to capitalize due to the Cowboys incredibly stout pass rush, DeMarcus Lawrence was right there at the quarterback forcing an errant throw:

Cooper Rush was back out there for another chance but again made a lightning-fast exit after taking the sack. It’s okay because Jeff Cavanaugh reminds us:

The Cardinals next drive was more of the same as the pressure was there and so was Chidobe Awuzie. We agree Nick Eatman!

Just when things are going well, Lance Lenoir and the punt team have to ruin everyone’s fun:

Not a great look for Lance Lenoir who has shown in two preseasons that he cannot be a return man:

If that wasn’t bad enough, Cooper Rush makes a poor decision to throw at a covered Tavon Austin, All-Pro Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson takes it in for the PICK-6!

Cardinals 14, Cowboys 0


The Cowboys let Rod Smith take over and get us to the second quarter:

Side note: Who was Rod Smith choosing to run behind? Well... Jumbo Joe Looney of course!


Well, it’s just been one of those nights because just as we’re praising Rod Smith, he decides to try and hurdle over Patrick Peterson but fumbles the ball...Womp-Womp

Four turnovers for the Dallas Cowboys in ONE QUARTER?! No bueno...

Thankfully, that Cowboys defense is too legit to quit. Chidobe Awuzie makes a great tackle in space:

A few moments later, we have more defensive linemen blowing up the Cardinals offensive line, Tyrone Crawford gets involved:

And to force the punt, we have another appearance by the Hot Boys! Gregory almost had his second sack on the night:

It was LB Joe Thomas that delivered the massive hit on the Cardinals running back:

Too bad every time the Cowboys get the ball on offense, Cooper Rush squanders the opportunity:

Cowboys punt, the fun is over as starting defense is done for the preseason:

The second string did settle down after allowing a huge run and were able to hold the Cardinals to a field goal.

Cardinals 17, Cowboys 0

Talk about a missed opportunity, on the Cowboys next possession, Michael Gallup has Patrick Peterson beat deep but timing is everything:

Did I say the fun was over on defense? I was wrong as in a few short moments the sequence went as follows:

Joe Thomas chases Christian Kirk down on a punt return attempt:

Then Justin March-Lillard blows up the Cardinals offense followed by Charvarius Ward (my pet cat) gets the defense off the field.

Cooper Rush starts connecting with his receivers and is on a roll with Cole Beasley but eventually Rush couldn’t help himself:

This game finally reaches halftime but now the Cowboys have more concerns:

Who’s the backup center’s backup?



Don’t praise them too soon Mr. Helman, these backups...OUCH!

Kris Richard was on the sideline looking for the culprit of that missed tackle, here you go coach!

Cardinals 24, Cowboys 0


The Cowboys decide to put a different quarterback in the game, Mike White takes over but Blake Jarwin lets him down:

The Cowboys defense didn’t allow the Cardinals to take advantage of that fumble though as Jourdan Lewis was there again. It’s been a nice night for Lewis, who’s battling to start as the nickel corner.

The Cowboys were pinned deep on the punt and it took all the effort they could muster not to give up a safety. Cowboys punt again.

This Redskins reporter must be new but “Mother Football” let him know what’s up:

Go get him, she’s a Hall of Famer, y’all better recognize!

Mike White began to move the ball much better on his next possession:

RB3 Battle Watch: Is Darius Jackson leading Bo Scarbrough at the moment?


Can it get any worse for these backup quarterbacks tonight? The answer is yes, it can:

Everyone can second this opinion, our sincere condolences for such bad football:

On the Cowboys next offensive possession, penalties galore:

Anybody want to guess how 3rd and 20+ ended for Mike White? You guessed it, lucky number 8:

Can Jason Garrett, Scott Linehan, or anyone else just be the Cowboys backup QB?

Cardinals ball again but the Cowboys defense still fighting until the end, bless them:

Cardinals kick the field goal, it’s Cardinals 27, Cowboys 0 and we’re finally under the two-minute warning.

Though it’s hard to look back at this game for positives, Brett Maher made a field goal in the end to save the Cowboys from shutout shame:

It’s the very definition of beating yourselves:

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