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Kris Richard went full Kris Richard on the Cowboys sideline and it was amazing

Don’t upset Coach Richard.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-OTA Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys sideline has been a place of fascination for several years now.

Once upon a time people watched with eagle eye vision to analyze exactly what type of headwear quarterback Tony Romo wore. People still seem to believe there’s some correlation with Jason Garrett’s clapping and the team’s success levels. It’s weird.

Whatever you believe about the Cowboys sideline you need to believe that it is not a safe place if you’re a defensive back who has just done something wrong. Why’s that? Lieutenant Kris Richard patrols those grounds now and he isn’t going to let you skate by without proper chewing out.

How do we know this? Let’s go to the video please (gestures to non-existent video person).

Kris. Richard. Is. HEATED.

Coach Richard literally looks like the monster in a terrible 90s movie that is just smashing the made-up town to smithereens. He’s yelling at everyone and he is not going to let a single soul escape his wrath. It’s amazing.

For so long many have demanded accountability from the Dallas Cowboys (for what it’s worth they are definitely held to being accountable and have been), but this is the most impactful visual of what Kris Richard has brought to the Cowboys to date.

We’re not even at the regular season yet and we have video of Kris Richard jumping in drills, recording an interception (and returning it), and now scorching the unit he coaches during a preseason game.

Kris Richard for MVP.

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