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Kellen Moore looks like the least impressive new Cowboys coach

The rookie is struggling.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week we talked about how the Cowboys are struggling with their backup quarterback play this preseason, that play includes second-year man Cooper Rush and rookie Mike White.

White isn’t the only rookie in the Cowboys quarterbacks room. The man at the head of the table, no not Dak Prescott, is a rookie. Kellen Moore is serving as the team’s quarterbacks coach and 2018 is literally his first year coaching in the NFL.

Dallas brought in a handful of new coaches this season. Kris Richard leads the pack, Sanjay Lal has made a name for himself, Doug Nussmeier is hanging around, Doug Colman helps Keith O’Quinn, and then there’s Kellen Moore running things with the signal-callers. Moore is the only one of the group that had zero prior coaching experience.

Kellen Moore’s player production looks like he’s a first-year coach

Considering where we’re at, through three preseason games, it’s hard to say anyone has done a less impressive job in their department than Kellen Moore. It’s not shocking considering Moore is the most raw at the coaching profession, but what he does (or doesn’t do) is magnified because it involves the all-important quarterback position.

What’s more is that Moore was given something that not everybody gets, and he was given it during his first season. Moore was given a rookie prospect in Mike White and if there’s any Cowboys draft pick that looks underdeveloped it is definitely Mike White. While we should definitely discuss White himself when discussing White’s faults so far, what about Kellen Moore?

There’s obviously time to improve, but Moore should be held responsible too

Mike White and Cooper Rush are NFL quarterbacks so they should be fully capable of handling what’s thrown at them and progressing as players. We all agree here.

It’s not an excuse on their behalf, but it should be noted that they are extremely young quarterbacks (Cooper is the most experienced in his second year) and that they have had their development placed in the hands of a rookie himself. They look like they’ve taken steps back, a lot of that could just be that they’ve been playing with fellow backups, but this was part of the risk in naming Moore the quarterbacks coach from the jump.

Dak Prescott is the beginning and the end of any conversation that involves the Cowboys quarterbacks, but even he is in Moore’s hands. What we’ve seen so far inspires very little faith in that space, but hopefully things turn around when the regular season gets going.

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