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Report: Randy Gregory to meet with league doctor Thursday to determine if he’ll be suspended again

It sounds like Thursday is a big deal.

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This post has been updated. The original version continues after the jump.

Update 7:33pm ET

It seems like all is well for now. Thank goodness. Although apparently Randy won’t be at the game after all.

Update: 5:45pm ET

As Halprin wrote about earlier here at BTB, Randy is indeed expected to join the Cowboys on the sidelines in Houston.

It was late last Sunday night that Jason La Canfora’s original report involving Randy Gregory first hit the news cycle.

La Canfora noted that Randy Gregory could have “trouble ahead” for him just a few short hours after Randy’s most impressive football performance to date during the preseason loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Gregory has done a lot to get back to the playing field, any step backwards would not be idea.

There hasn’t been much word of an update on this situation, that is until now. According to a report Gregory is scheduled to meet with a league doctor on Thursday, a meeting that will determine whether he starts in Week 1 for the Cowboys or if he’s suspended again.

It’s obviously quite a big deal that Gregory is headed into a meeting that will swing his football fate in one of two supremely different directions. Note that JJT said Gregory was meeting with a league doctor specifically, so this is obviously a matter involving the NFL.

This could all be part of Gregory’s routine, it could all be new, we don’t know exactly because the details have been kept so quiet. Based on Gregory’s status with the NFL and his comeback, it stands to reason that this is part of what he’s subject to.

Again we don’t know for certain that this is exactly what is happening with Randy, but it’s interesting to note the verbiage in this. “At the Medical Director’s discretion...” would make it sound like somebody else felt the need for further evaluation, but that’s just one theory.

For now all we can do is sit and wait to see the results of whatever Randy Gregory’s meeting with the league doctor are. Let’s hope for the best.

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