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Tony Romo predicts the Cowboys to have double-digit wins in 2018

Just one more than Number Nine himself.

NFL: AFC Championship-Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo was one of the biggest hits of the 2017 NFL season. The world finally got to get to know the quarterback we’ve loved for so long. He’s a natural-born star.

Romo became quite good at predicting things during his rookie season as the top color analyst for CBS. “A run to the left” or “a play action here” are things we all like to say at home, but Romo made it a habit of actually calling them before they happened. It was great.

Romo’s been doing some media rounds for his new partnership with Corona, and the latest instance was him sitting down to offer up some different sort of projections. Romo was asked who would win league MVP (Aaron Rodgers), rookie of the year (Sam Darnold), who would be in the Super Bowl (he doubled down on Green Bay and Jacksonville), but perhaps most interestingly he was asked what the Cowboys record will be.

Niner noted that he hadn’t really dived in to the Cowboys schedule yet so it wasn’t a supremely calculated guess. He said he believed Dallas would have a strong defense this year, similar to the 90s in his words, and even reflected on them being the top defense in the NFL early on his career (2003). Shockingly, Romo gave an answer. 10-6.

The Cowboys have won at least 10 games in half of the last four seasons, coming just a game shy last year. It makes sense to consider them right around that mark and a whole season’s worth of Ezekiel Elliott likely pushes them over the double-digit-win hump.

Let’s all hope that Romo’s ability to predict the future didn’t regress after his first year at CBS. 10 wins would likely mean a playoff berth which would be a whole lot of fun.

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