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Cowboys @ Texans: Cowboys winless in preseason but did anyone make a late-push for the roster?

Preseason is over in another ugly game that dropped the Cowboys 0-4. Did anyone make a late-push before roster cuts?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the last preseason game is over and it was for the Governor’s Cup as the Cowboys were hosted by the Texans. Of course, we’ll bring the highlights but game is more about who’s making the plays that can earn them that blue star on the helmet?


Alright folks, let’s all say a prayer for these quarterbacks:

Cowboys got the ball first and Cooper Rush tossed the ball deep to Lance Lenoir, the ball was incomplete but it garnered a PI call. We can’t say that our very own Tom Ryle was wrong here:

Rush went to Lenoir several times, the Cowboys want to see Lenoir plead his case:

After what looks to be a three and out for the Cowboys, kicker Brett Maher had other plans...

Cowboys 3, Texans 0

The Cowboys fend off the Texans first offensive series. Because they are gluttons for punishment, Lance Lenoir was out fielding punts, close your eyes!

He held on? Okay, Lance.

Too bad the Cooper Rush was in the giving mood again:

At this point, why not?

Thankfully, he stepped out of bounds so it wasn’t Rush’s second pick-six. It didn’t take long for the Texans though to put one in:

Texans 7, Cowboys 3

Let’s check in with former third-round pick, Chaz Green, on second thought...nevermind:

Don’t worry help is on the way at the expense of my pet cat, Charvarius Ward:

It’s okay, the Texans offensive line wasn’t much better:

This quarter ends and it was boring in every definition of the word:


So... with Charvarius Ward shipped off, is it an opportunity for another young corner?

Donovan Olumba decides to be that man!

In other roster battle news, it was a bad night for the RB3 candidates Darius Jackson and Bo Scarbrough:

Also, in linebacker land, sixth-round pick Chris Covington wasn’t doing himself favors as he was missing tackles and getting beat :

But why would Michael Gallup play if Antwaun Woods is sitting?

Cowboys D-Line in a few short tweets, even the backups are good:

An right on time, Jihad Ward says “you rang?”

Cooper Rush is done for the night, to be fair the interception at the half was on a hail mary:

Who helped themselves?

Is the grizzled veteran safety, Jeron Johnson, perhaps a keeper?



INJURY ALERT: Charles Tapper was doing well in the first half but it’s always seems like his body fails him, hopefully he’s okay:

The defense bends but it doesn’t break, score stays right where it is!

Pack your bags Cooper! Mike White completed a pass. It’s sad but that’s where we are now:

The battle is settled: Jordan Chunn for RB3!!!

Don’t panic, the offense is moving the ball, Dalton Schultz making plays:

Okay...let’s go Chunn...Choo-Choo!

Lance Lenoir wants to make the team so bad...on 3rd and 6, he catches another just short of the chains...

Okay, the Cowboys are going for it on 4th and 1...COME ON BOYS! That’s it, cut them all.

Did the coaches get a touch of amnesia? That’s not Ezekiel Elliott:

No worries, Dorance Armstrong gets the sack on Brandon Weeden, what a great surprise he’s turned out to be:

And Mike White will be back leading the offense, not bad so far:

But these receivers let him down on 3rd and 7:

Not going to lie, we would all love to see this:

Gosh...why can’t these coaches get creative?! No fun for us.

INJURY ALERT: Austin Larkin was showing some stuff on the defensive line:

Lance Lenoir with some sweet feet, weaves through the Texans coverage unit and gives the offense great field position past their 40:


Mike White’s momentum gets stopped by a Rico Gathers holding call on the next possession but do we dare think it’s possible?

On 3rd and 20, you got to at least try to move the chains if you want the job, Mike White:

Cowboys get it back after a quick three-and-out and Mike White finds Dres Anderson, who actually catches it on third down:

Sadly, that drive ends too when White and Anderson can’t repeat on third and 8, three plays later. Another punt.

The defense finally busted late and the Texans pulled away from the Cowboys on a nice run:

Texans 14, Cowboys 3

The Cowboys would add another field goal, thanks to the leg of Brett Maher, he may be the only guy that guaranteed himself a spot but it’ll be on another team:

That’s all she wrote for the preseason Cowboys:

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