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Cowboys training camp 2018: What have you changed your mind on so far?

What do you feel different about two weeks in?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’re two weeks into training camp which means there’s a lot for us to sink our teeth into.

When training camp began we all had ideas about the Cowboys. There were things we were sure of, things we felt confident in, and things we were admittedly sketchy on. That’s the point of training camp, you find answers to your questions.

All of that being said, what questions have been answered for you? More specifically, what have you changed your mind on two weeks in? Here are some potential answers.

Tavon Austin is going to be good for the Cowboys

When Dallas traded for Tavon and dubbed him a “web back” they were met with a lot of hesitation. People refused to believe that Tavon could be of any use for the Cowboys, especially with someone like Ezekiel Elliott getting all of the carries.

We’ve seen Tavon working with the ones, running on the outside, fielding punts and kicks, there’s no question that he’s going to be involved. He’s been a leader for some of the younger players, and he seems extremely dedicated as we enter August.

The move to corner is a good one for Byron Jones

There were a few holdovers from the Byron Jones at safety era that just weren’t willing to let it go. People chirped that the Cowboys were yanking Byron back and forth between corner and safety and that a move full-time now to cornerback wouldn’t work out.

From what we’ve seen so far, Byron Jones looks incredible. His athleticism is on full display and he’s making the most of every opportunity. He’s taken the opportunity that he’s been given and he’s completely run with it.

The idea of Rico Gathers in general

Perhaps the most polarizing member of the Dallas Cowboys for a while now has been tight end Rico Gathers. There is seemingly no middle ground when it comes to Rico. You either think he’s going to be the next Rob Gronkowski or that he’s not going to make the 53-man roster (I fall in the second group, for what it’s worth).

Rico has had the same number of moments as your average playmaker out in Oxnard, but he hasn’t done anything special so far. His true talents lie in his playmaking abilities, and frankly there just haven’t been that many plays made.

Where Rico really shined a year ago was throughout the preseason games. Maybe that will be the case for him in 2018, but for now things have fallen a bit flat.

Anthony Brown vs. Jourdan Lewis at slot corner

When reports of lineups first trickled out of OTAs there was just about a riot that Anthony Brown was starting at slot cornerback over Jourdan Lewis.

Jourdan is a fine cornerback, in fact he’s a very good one. Two weeks into camp though, Brown has defended his position well. He appears to be the better option at the position for now. This isn’t an indictment on Lewis, moreover a testament to Brown’s talents.

Remember that two years ago people anointed Anthony as the next great cornerback in Dallas while only one season later were ready to cut bait from him entirely. He’s got game, and it’s shown up so far in Oxnard.

The idea that Jason Garrett doesn’t have control over the Cowboys

This is likely something that there will never be consensus on, but let me tell you that after having spent a week in Oxnard myself there is absolutely zero question that these are Jason Garrett’s Cowboys.

I say this as a sign of positivity. There is a feeling of brotherhood among the team. Perhaps its the injection of so much youth, but there is undeniably a family atmosphere surrounding America’s Team right now. These are isms and clichés, but they are true and a reflection of the culture that Garrett has created.

Ultimately how Garrett is perceived will be defined by what happens on the field throughout the regular season, but two weeks into training camp his team passes the smell test. Roll your eyes all you want, but that’s important.

These were just suggestions, but there’s likely something that you’ve changed your mind about regarding the Cowboys? Have at it BTB, what is it?

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