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Things are working in Lance Lenoir’s favor so far throughout training camp

It could be Lance’s time.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There are four wide receivers that are generally agreed to be locks for the Dallas Cowboys 53-man roster: Cole Beasley, Allen Hurns, Michael Gallup, and Terrance Williams.

The Cowboys have shown no fear in carrying six wide receivers before which means we have at most two spots available. Deonte Thompson appears to be next in line for one which gets us a total of five. For the purposes of this conversation we’re not counting Tavon Austin among this specific group allotment, but he’s obviously on the team.

Five receivers means at most one spot is left. Noah Brown is certainly in consideration, but he’s much of camp with injury. Cedrick Wilson was a name to watch, but he’ll spend the season on injured reserve. The door has been swung wide open for a popular pet cat of many BTBers, Lance Lenoir.

Lance has been working his tail off this offseason (we caught up with him in Oxnard and he explained), and he’s played well so far in camp. To make an NFL roster sometimes you have to do more than play well, you have to catch some breaks. Lance seems to have done that.

With Wilson sidelined permanently and Brown trying to round into form from injury, Lance has absorbed all the extra reps. Considering Allen Hurns has been afforded some rest days himself and that the Cowboys are taking things slow with Terrance Williams in his own recovery, Lance has had plenty of chances to shine, and he has.

It truly is unfortunate that injuries put Wilson on IR and could impact Brown’s roster spot, but the reality is that’s life in the NFL. Some players get hurt and other players capitalize. It looks like Lance Lenoir could be in a position to strike. The preseason is his real time to shine.

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