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BTB’s meet up in Oxnard was a great time

BTBers coming together is a beautiful thing.

Last Thursday out in Oxnard, CA marked a great day for BTB. Some of those who were attending Cowboys training camp had an opportunity to meet up, BTB style.

We planted a BTB flag, literally, and used it as a bat signal of sorts to attract those that know our mantra. It was a day to check out the Dallas Cowboys in all their glory, but it was a must to mingle with our brothers and sisters beforehand.

If you’ve been around BTB long enough and had the chance to meet some BTBers in person you might recognize a few faces from this photo. Landon McCool, YumaCactus, and the one and only rabblerousr graced us with their presence to celebrate our collective fandom.

We’re hoping to make meet-ups like this a regular thing within BTB. Whether that’s at every game, specific road games, or things like training camp is yet to be determined, but as always we’d love to hear back from you. BTB is what it is because of all of us, and we should help continue to mold it together.

Cheers to the BTB family.

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