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Cowboys news: Everything you need to know about the Cowboys/49ers game tonight

Plus where Cowboys, Seahawks stand on Earl Thomas and much more.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s here!

Cowboys @ 49ers preseason 2018: How to watch, game time, TV schedule, online streaming, radio & more - Blogging The Boys
Tonight is the first preseason game for the Dallas Cowboys against the San Francisco 49ers, so here is how you can catch it.

Information on the Dallas Cowboys 2018 preseason game against San Francisco, including the game time, TV channel, how to stream the Cowboys-49ers game online, radio, odds, announcers, predictions, and more!

Broaddus: What To Watch In San Francisco - Bryan Broaddus,
As is par with Broaddus, this article is chock full of things to keep in mind.

It’s probably not going to be a very pretty game of football, and the Cowboys may even lose. But that’s not the point. During these preseason exhibitions, the Cowboys’ coaching staff is trying to see who they have on this roster and how they might help this team going forward.

Rather than worrying about the score, it’s all about evaluation in these settings. Who carries over their practice performances into the game? Who puts his best foot forward? This is the first big test of the preseason, and it will go a long way in shaping our opinions of these players.

For the most part, I expect that we’ll see the first offense and defense go at least one series in this game, then turn the game over to the backups. Jason Garrett has gone as far to say that those that have been practicing will play and those that have missed time will not. Ezekiel Elliott falls into the category of those that have practiced but likely not to play at this time.

10 detailed reactions to the official Cowboys depth chart for San Francisco - R.J. Ochoa, Blogging The Boys
R.J. looks at what is most interesting about the first depth chart of the year. While it will be revised quite a bit, there are still some things we might not have expected - like this.

Jaylon Smith is listed as a starter... at middle linebacker

It’s not preposterous that Jaylon Smith could be the team’s starting MIKE linebacker, but we heard all sorts of discussions throughout the offseason that the Cowboys were considering moving him to SAM.

Maybe the Cowboys will have Jaylon play SAM... at times. And maybe they’ll have him play MIKE... at other times. When Dallas drafted Leighton Vander Esch many thought he’d be the starter at MLB with Jaylon at SLB but alas, LVE is backing up Jaylon in the middle.

49ers To Play Garoppolo Against Cowboys In Preseason « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth (via AP)
Seems pertinent.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is going to play at least one possession in the preseason opener Thursday night against the Dallas Cowboys, coach Kyle Shanahan said.

“He’ll play somewhat into the first quarter. We’ll see how long the opening drive is,” Shanahan said Tuesday.

Top 5 plays from Cowboys-49ers last matchup - K.D. Drummond, Cowboys Wire
This look back at last year's regular season matchup between the Cowboys and the 49ers is a nice idea. Several are plays we hope foreshadow things to come, especially the first career sack by Jaylon Smith.

Smith seems to, at least for now, be holding off first-round pick Leighton Vander Esch as the starting Mike linebacker. It’s not a concern, the great Sean Lee didn’t start a single game as a rookie. When Vander Esch is in the game, expect Smith to take on more pass-rushing responsibilities, because why wouldn’t a defense allow a player to do something he’s good at?

Here’s the other news you can use.

VIDEO: Colin Cowherd on why the Cowboys are the most underrated NFL team - FOX Sports
Cowherd says Dallas is constantly under a microscope, which is why people are finding flaws with them.

Cole Beasley out to prove size doesn't matter as No. 1 receiver - Todd Archer, ESPN
Part of the plan on offense for the Cowboys this year is to make things less predictable, and that includes using Cole Beasley more out wide - despite his, shall we say, modest stature.

In training camp, the Cowboys have moved Beasley all over the field, and for the first time appear willing to give him a legitimate chance to be an outside receiver and expand the type of routes he runs.

“How big is Antonio Brown, 5-10? But he doesn’t win with physicality, he wins with elite quickness and speed and savvy, right?” receivers coach Sanjay Lal said. “He’s a really good releaser. He’s really good at everything. He’s one I’d point to who’s not 6-1 and you have no problem with him outside or anywhere.”

The fear of being swallowed up by the bigger corners outside at the snap played a part in the reluctance to use Beasley more outside. Plus, in the slot, he has been a difficult matchup. His numbers were down last year in part because of the extra attention he received from defenses. They knew Dak Prescott favored him in certain situations and felt comfortable in leaving one on one coverage outside more than in the past.

Cowboys’ Will McClay on the player who’s surprised him at camp: ‘I bet you everybody fears him’ - SportsDay
Cowboys VP of Player Personnel Will McClay joined KESN-FM 103.3 ESPN recently to talk all things Cowboys and training camp. Here’s what he had to say about Tavon Austin and Jaylon Smith

On who has surprised him at training camp:

McClay: “Tavon Austin has stood out to me because he loves this game, and is one of the most intense people I’ve ever seen play this game at his size. He’s going to will himself to a lot of things, plus has the skill. He’s also going to will that room to grow and be better than people think it’s going to be. He’s my surprise.”

”We knew in college to run the football at the size and have the success that he did, but I didn’t know that was his demeanor day in and day out. Nothing’s fake about it. The smallest dude on the team, I bet you everybody fears him because he’s so intent about what he wants to do, what he wants the team to do.”

On Jaylon Smith’s progress:

McClay: “He’s had an unbelievable camp to show there’s going to be the huge impact we thought we would get when picking that player. There’s no remnants of what had happened, or very little. He’s fast, physical, impactful and he wants to be great. You can always say wants to be great, but I sat in meetings and watched him. He’s got Sean Lee there, and Sean Lee has allowed him to grow and to be a co-leader with him. He’s such a prideful football player. He will knock you out physically. He’s covering backs. There was a play the other day he was running 50 yards downfield with Cole Beasley. He’s running through offensive linemen. All the things you saw in college, he’s doing that.”

Cowboys’ Kris Richard on Lewis vs Brown comp, future HC desires - K.D. Drummond, Cowboys Wire
This is a transcription of a video from the mothership, where Ambar Garcia interviewed Kris Richard. He had some very interesting things to say, including this about the current iteration of the depth chart.

“We want to make it a competitive environment, as competitive as we absolutely can. Right now, you take a look at our depth chart and it’s etched in sand. It’s written in pencil, it can be erased and re-written as much as we want it to. That’s what makes it competitive is the fact that just because you thought you did something last year, or you may anticipate something being a way this year… in most cases it does turn out the way that you typically remember it to be. Nobody ever comes back the same, I think that’s the thing that you realize the longer that you coach. You can anticipate guys who come in and do things correctly, but it’s a blank slate each and every single year.

Just the simple fact that, Anthony Brown has been in this league for a little while now. He’s a veteran. He’s seen a lot of football. He’s a guy with tremendous talent also and he’s not to be overlooked. I think that’s the point that we all need to realize. He’s a guy who shares a lot of the same characteristics as everyone else on our defense and he does not deserve to be overlooked. And neither does Jourdan. We can’t just come in and just give something away to somebody. We have to make them compete for it and go out there and take it if they want it, and keep it if they want it.”

Moore Makes Quick Switch From Cowboys QB To Coach « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth (via AP)
There has been so much talk about Kris Richard and Sanjay Lal, another new coach has kinda been overlooked so far. But Kellen Moore is taking it all in stride.

“There’s nothing like playing,” said Moore, who started two games at the end of a lost 2015 season marred by Romo’s twice-broken collarbone. “Certainly wasn’t planning on something like this opening. When the opportunity presented itself, felt like it was a really good opportunity. Hard to turn down.”

As for running meetings so soon after sitting next to Prescott in the QB room, the understated Moore shrugs.

“You talk a little bit more in meetings. That’s about it,” he said. “I think simply it’s a collaborative effort in that room. We’re all trying to achieve the same things. One quarterback plays at a time. Do everything you can to help that guy succeed.”

Two free agents the Cowboys should sign before the start of the season - Connor Livesay, Blogging The Boys
Roster building is a 24/7/365 job, Livesay writes, and suggests the Cowboys go out and grab a DT and tight end Brent Celek.

Trust me, I cringed as I typed this name out as well, but the truth is, if he’s interested in still playing Brent Celek could help this football team. Celek, an 11-year veteran, was released by the Eagles after playing all 11 seasons with the team. Celek was a decent weapon as a receiver, but also served his former team well as a blocking tight end, and that’s exactly why the Cowboys should pick up the phone and give him a call.

Cowboys WRs coach Sanjay Lal critical of how his recent comments were 'spun as a Dez bash' - Staff, SportsDay
Cowboys wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal set the record straight on 105.3 FM The Fan about some recent comments that were initially reported by Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram and then amplified by Mike Florio of PFT.

On if his recent comment about Cowboys WRs no longer living in a "back-shoulder world" was a shot at Dez Bryant

Sanjay Lal: "I'm extremely disappointed in the writer who wrote that. The question was asked to me is, what's my preference on, basically, go-balls. I was raised by Al Davis and Al Saunders. In Al Saunders' offense, back shoulder is a bad word because of one reason. If you tell a receiver he can win on a back shoulder, he doesn't run fast. So to teach a go-route correctly, you put your head down for 20-to-25 yards, look up and go score. If you're thinking about back shoulder, even if the inkling is in your head, You're not going to run and try to win. Even when you're hip-to-hip, we say you've got to come out the other end and QBs throw the ball down the field.

"In 2015 in Buffalo, we were the number one team in the league completing passes 35 yards or over. You pull out that Buffalo go-route reel with Tyrod [Taylor] throwing to [Marquise] Goodwin, Percy [Harvin], Sammy [Watkins], that's big-time stuff.

"We're trying, at least me as a receiver coach, I'm trying to instill that into our guys that even when you're hip-to-hip, don't give up and look back. Come out the other end.

"That was a question that was posed to me. So whoever this guy is, he tries to spin it into a Dez [Bryant] bash, it's BS, honestly. I have ultimate respect for Dez. I was excited to come here and have a chance to coach him and if he was here, I would relish that opportunity. It's disappointing that everything that's said around here is, to be totally honest, gets spun as a Dez bash. It's wrong. Honestly, it's completely wrong.

"I was asked a technique question and some guy decides to go spin it to get a headline and it worked, unfortunately. It's really sad I have to sit here and defend a technique question because someone spun it into a soap opera deal."

Cowboys DeMarcus Lawrence Among Top NFL Defensive Player Of Year Candidates - Mike Fisher, 105.3 The Fan
Lawrence is being hyped as having a real shot at Defensive Player of the Year. There may be something to the idea.

[He’s] clearly attempting to prove something to the world, to the Cowboys and to himself.

The other day, he forcefully requested the opportunity to line up, one-by-one in one-on-one drills, [against] Tyron Smith, Connor Williams, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin and La'El Collins. It was a test of talent, endurance, will.

I've seen it written that Tank beat all five guys, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I'll leave it to the coaches watching tape to actually claim that.

But DeMarcus Lawrence is right there on a level with the best O-line in football.

Where Cowboys, Seahawks stand on Earl Thomas - SportsDay
David Moore and Kevin Sherrington came to the following conclusion regarding Earl Thomas and the Cowboys in a recent podcast:

Sherrington: What's the biggest holdup on this Earl Thomas thing? Are the Cowboys waiting to see if Seattle drops [from a second-round offer] to a third-round pick?

Moore: I think both teams are sitting there saying, "Let's let this play out a little longer." Seattle doesn't mind if Earl Thomas misses most or all of camp. They know who he is. They know what he can do.

The Cowboys are going, "Well, if we jump in and show too much interest now before our first preseason game, they're going to [up the price]."

Seattle is sitting there saying, "Dallas will come to us with an offer at some point."

Dallas is sitting there saying, "Seattle is at a different stage. They're rebuilding. At some point, they're going to come to us and be more reasonable."

Both sides are waiting out the other with no sense of urgency. I see this going on another two-three weeks.

Sherrington: I predict he will be in a Cowboys uniform Game 1.

Moore: I think there's a very good chance.

St. Louis Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

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