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It’s very fair to question the Dan Bailey decision after what we saw in Week 1

It was always going to be this way.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

When the Dallas Cowboys chose to release Dan Bailey amid 53-man roster cuts a few things became certain:

  • A lot of unfair pressure was about to be placed on Brett Maher
  • When Maher missed for the first time people would criticize the Cowboys

This is the way sports work, heck, this is the way life works. Hindsight gives us knowledge that we didn’t have in the moment and it’s easier to point out mistakes when we have the benefit of it. This was always going to be the case with the Dan Bailey decision.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys and for Brett Maher, their brand new kicker missed on his very first attempt in Carolina, a 47-yard attempt in the third quarter.

Is Brett Maher in a difficult situation trying to replace a kicker like Dan Bailey? Definitely.

Were the Cowboys always going to be given grief when he inevitably missed? Of course.

Is it very fair to question the Dan Bailey decision after Brett Maher’s first kick was missed? Absolutely.

The Cowboys released the second-most accurate kicker in NFL history. Chalk it up to his price tag, not believing in his health moving forward, or whatever else you want, but if you release someone who is literally the second-best to ever do it and then the guy you chose over him starts off with a miss, yea, we’re going to scratch our chins and start to wonder.

It’s not like the Cowboys offense was doing enough to threaten scoring a second touchdown anyway (what a sentence), but the three points Maher missed would have obviously have been nice to have had at the end of the game. A touchdown to win is a much nicer thing to have facing you as opposed to a touchdown and necessary two-point conversion just to tie.

People were always going to bring up Dan Bailey whenever Brett Maher missed a field goal. It just so happened that it was literally the first field goal he attempted with the team, and the miss exacerbated how ineffective they were at putting up points in the season opener. It’s totally fair to wonder whether or not they made the right decision.

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