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[UPDATE] Randy Gregory announces he’ll be “alright” on social media, Jason Garrett responds

Hopefully he’s right, but about what?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Here is Jason Garrett’s response to Gregory’s tweet.

Original post

Randy Gregory just took to his Twitter account to let us all know he’ll “be alright.” The only question is, what exactly is he referring to?

Two things have happened with Gregory recently, the report that he is under scrutiny from the NFL again for a possible relapse, and he suffered a concussion in the Panthers game.

If it’s about the concussion, that means he should be clear to play this coming week. Or at least that’s what he’s thinking.

If it’s about the relapse report, does he already know something?

It should be re-emphasized that the initial report did indeed offer potential hope. ESPN’s Adam Schefter noted that there have been cases this offseason where players suffer relapses and the NFL has taken courses of action different than what they’re typically known for.

More and more, in one of the interesting and quiet trends around the league, the NFL has become more tolerant when a player violates the drug policy. It has softened its stance on drug policy perpetrators. There have been multiple examples this offseason of a player having a disputed test, with the league emphasizing treatment and support rather than discipline, which was one of the NFLPA’s goals when the policy was reconfigured in 2014.

The Dallas Cowboys host the New York Giants on Sunday night. Will Randy be there?

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