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Jason Garrett says Scott Linehan will continue to coordinate the offense and call the plays

No change for now.

Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

We’re only one week into the 2018 Dallas Cowboys regular season, but that one week saw the team struggle to put up 232 yards of offense and eight points on the scoreboard.

As fairly believable these days especially after last season unbelievable as it would seem, plenty of Cowboys fans have started calling for Jason Garrett to take over offensive play-calling duties. Scott Linehan has been the man in charge for a few seasons now, and we’re at a point where the team is really struggling.

It’s not uncommon for fans to call for coordinators to be stripped of their most important duties. Just about every season sees a head coach on the hot seat or in the middle of turmoil re-take the reins in an effort to shake things up.

As noted, many are ready for Scott Linehan to no longer head the Cowboys offense. This is something of great debate and something that we all have a lot of questions about. What would Jason Garrett have to say about this? He joined Rob Thompson and myself on ESPN San Antonio’s The Blitz on Monday and we asked him. Listen below.

Scott Linehan will indeed continue to coordinate the Cowboys offense and call the plays. There are 15 games left on the season. Will it turn around at any point?

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