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Six teams and fanbases that should be as angry as the Cowboys after Week 1

Other teams had it bad, too.

Cleveland Browns v Chicago Bears Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

It was bad. The Cowboys lost 16-8 in an ugly game that saw their offense rendered useless for long stretches of the 60-minute contest. As fans, we wait eight months for our favorite team to return to meaningful action, and they lay an egg. It’s frustrating; it makes us angry. So there’s only one thing to do - wallow in someone else’s misery.

Here are five teams that also had it bad in Week 1, some maybe even worse than the Cowboys. After all, Dallas lost on the road, to a playoff team from last year that posted an 11-5 record, and sports a really good defense. And they only lost by eight points. So it’s not like we are the...

New Orleans Saints - Gave up 48 points in a home loss

The Saints are being touted as Super Bowl contenders. So when they lose a home-opener to a division rival who went 5-11 last year, that ain’t good. The Bucs were without their starting QB because of a suspension, but backup Ryan Fitzpatrick hung 48 points on the Saints making last year’s improved Saints defense seem like a mirage.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Tied with a team that went 0-16 last year

The Steelers led the Cleveland Browns by 14 points in the fourth quarter. They somehow managed to blow that lead and were only saved from true humiliation when the Browns botched a game-winning FG in overtime. On top of that, they have the whole Le’Veon Bell situation dividing their locker room and causing all kinds of headaches. At least replacement James Connor had an excellent day. Plus they managed a tie, which is technically better than a loss, but this was against the Browns!

Chicago Bears - Blew a 20-point lead to a one-legged Aaron Rodgers

Okay, I have to admit losing a game to a one-legged Aaron Rodgers sounds awfully familiar to Cowboys fans. The Bears sent Rodgers to the sideline with an injury and piled up a huge lead. The Pack looked dead until Rodgers came back in and scored 21 points in the fourth quarter to pull out a one-point victory. At least the Bears have Khalil Mack, and that’s definitely good news for them going forward.

Atlanta Falcons - Can’t score the go-ahead TD with five chances

The Falcons went on the road and had a chance to hang a loss on the defending Super Bowl Champions. The had five shots at a game-winning touchdown from the Eagles 10-yard line (one of them, the fifth play because of penalty, was actually from the five-yard line), and they came up empty. It was a like a replay of their playoff loss in 2017. Making it worse, they lost safety Keanu Neal for the season with a torn ACL.

Buffalo Bills - Just wow

The Cowboys offense may have looked bad in their loss, but at least the defense stepped up. The Bills managed to only score three points, while giving up 47 to the Baltimore Ravens. The Bills starting QB, Nathan Peterman, actually had a 0.0 QB rating. They had 153 yards total on offense. The only quarter the Ravens didn’t score in double-digits was the fourth when the backup rookie QB was playing.

Detroit Lions - Rookie QB in first start puts up 48 points

Sam Darnold and the New York Jets went into the Lions stadium and just pummeled them. They beat them in all phases of the game and beat up Matthew Stafford. The Lions QB threw four interceptions, the Lions gave up a punt return for a TD, and missed two field goals. Not exactly the start Matt Patricia was looking for.

So yes, the Cowboys had a very rough first outing in 2018, there’s no excusing that. But at least some other teams, and fanbases, are probably equally as upset.

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