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Week 2 NFL Power Rankings: Cowboys take a dip after loss

15 games left!

Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Losing in Week 1 is hardly the way to inspire confidence in anyone, but it’s the boat the Cowboys now find themselves in after dropping their season-opener to the Carolina Panthers.

The good news about all of this is that it means football is back. The bad news about football being back means power rankings are back, oh those pesky power rankings that are always so accurate.

There weren’t many people that believed in the Cowboys before their first game of 2018, and there are even less now. Here’s how the world sees them. Current power rankings are listed first with last week’s in parenthesis.

SB Nation: 28 (22)

The fine folks over at SB Nation bumped the Cowboys back almost to the rear of the National Football League. Only the Lions, Titans, Cardinals, and Bills trail them here. That’s not too cool. 25 (22)

The folks over at NFL Media aren’t as down on the Cowboys as SB Nation, but they aren’t inspired either. At least we’re not as close to the back of the pack here. Elliot Harrison goes in.

No imagination. The debacle in Carolina was hardly Scott Linehan’s masterpiece -- or, as Cowboys fans will tell you, hardly far from the norm. Linehan exited stage left after the pitiful offensive display with nary a word. Of course, it’s difficult to blame the OC when the quarterback can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Watch some of the throws Aaron Rodgers made Sunday night, then watch Dak Prescott’s display Sunday. His miss of an open Deonte Thompson on fourth-and-10 late pretty much sealed the deal. It wasn’t a horrible throw, and a few Twitter followers contended Thompson could’ve caught the ball. In reality, Prescott waited a split-second too long for Thompson to fully come out of his break, didn’t move at all in the pocket, then released right when Julius Peppers was on him. With no weapons on the outside, no tight ends and an offensive line missing its rudder, Jason Garrett’s group is going nowhere.

ESPN: 20 (13)

ESPN believed in the Cowboys more than anybody before the season began, and they still aren’t as down on them. 20th isn’t the worst ranking out there, and honestly it might be a little kind right now. The glass is half full somewhere.

New Cowboys pass-catchers Deonte Thompson and Allen Hurns combined for four catches and 47 yards on eight targets in their Dallas debuts, below Dez Bryant’s season average for receiving yards per game in 2017 (52.4). Neither made the most of their catchers either, totaling a combined four yards after the fact. -- Clawson

CBS Sports: 22 (20)

The loss didn’t hurt the ‘Boys too much in Pete Prisco’s rankings

Where’s the offense? They didn’t have much of it against the Panthers. At some point, that has to change.

Will the Cowboys rise after their Week 2 date against the New York Giants? Let’s all hope so.

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