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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Randy Gregory: “I don’t think these reports have any substance at all”

The Cowboys owner speaks out on the Randy Gregory troubles.

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Jerry Jones didn’t speak to the media after the Cowboys 16-8 loss to the Panthers on Sunday. Many fans assumed he was livid about what he just witnessed. Why not? That’s how we felt. But as it turns out, Jones just wasn’t in the mood to answer any questions pertaining to Randy Gregory following the recent reports that he suffered a relapse in August.

Jones would speak out about Gregory and other things in the latest edition of 105.3 The Fan. Here is what he had to say:

105 The Fan: Part of that report from Adam Schefter is that the league is looking the other way and not cracking down on some positive tests that they’re getting. I found that to be surprising and even shocking. How much credence do you put into that? What do you make of that part of the report?

Jerry Jones: I think that’s the same writer that thought that Gregory had an issue and I wouldn’t make much of it. I don’t think these reports have any substance at all if you really want to know the truth about it. It’s really not good when you can have these types of issues and have it speculated on and that in itself can make it seem like there is something there, but I’ve seen too many times that the media makes these types of assertions and have it be nothing but pulling it out of the air.

Jerry would also say that he doesn’t seem worried about Gregory’s playing status for Sunday night after exiting the Carolina game with a concussion. It appears the Cowboys will have their young edge rusher for Week 2 and there are no indications that any of that will be changing in the immediate future.

Fingers crossed.

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