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Dez Bryant might have a burner account to back up his claims against the Cowboys

Uh oh.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

One of the latest trends across professional sports in the times we live in is burner accounts.

If you’re unfamiliar with social media like Twitter or Instagram just know that burner accounts are what they sound like. They’re separate accounts under false names that people (Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors is the most infamous) use to defend themselves to the masses. Why? Who knows.

On Tuesday Dez Bryant (the one who won’t stop tweeting) quote tweeted a video that ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith sent at him. He called out the Cowboys coaches noting that his ex teammates respected him more than them. Again, who knows.

This is something on its own that is certainly interesting, but it’s what followed that is perhaps more interesting. Dez quoted his own tweet and agreed with himself.

Either Dez wanted to pat himself on the back or Dez thought he was agreeing himself with a different account. You decide.

Dez has since deleted this tweet, but the internet never forgets. The DMN was the first to grab those receipts, and many people followed.

You might think you’ve now seen everything, but there is likely more where this came from.

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