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Landon Collins just challenged the quarterback of the Cowboys which he’s historically not good at

People don’t forget.

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys host the New York Giants this Sunday night. It’s a rivalry.

New York is an interesting team these days. Eli Manning is doing kind of nothing the normal Eli Manning thing, and the G-Men are riding their brand new rookie running back, Saquon Barkley.

Another marquee member of the Giants is safety Landon Collins. There are many that regard Collins as the best safety in the NFL, but Earl Thomas exists so that’s hard to agree with. The point still stands obviously that Collins is extremely good at what he does.

Something Landon is making a bit of a habit of is challenging the quarterbacks of the Dallas Cowboys ahead of his team’s visit to AT&T Stadium. Landon noted on Wednesday that he believes the Giants have a better chance at victory this week if they keep the ball in Dak Prescott’s hands.

This is the second time in Landon’s four seasons that he’s made a declaration of this sort ahead of the Cowboys and Giants game in Dallas (Arlington, you get it). That’s a bad habit.

Ahead of the 2015 season opener (Landon’s first ever NFL game) he threw down the gauntlet at then-quarterback Tony Romo. He practically dared him to throw his way.

“Tony Romo said he’s looking for key matchups,” Collins said, via the Giants’ official website. “If he’s going to look for key matchups, he’s going to pick on me. ... I’m a rookie, but I mean, he comes towards my way, and he won’t be happy.”

Things didn’t work out too well for Landon when his Giants visited the Cowboys after those comments. Allow me to present Monsieur Romo in one of his finest moments.

Maybe Landon Collins should stop challenging Cowboys quarterbacks before he heads to their house. He’s not very good at it.

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