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Kellen Moore is a “mediator” for Dak Prescott and Scott Linehan when Dak heads to the sideline

Maybe we’ve determined Kellen’s new role.

Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

One of the new additions to the Dallas Cowboys offensive coaching staff is a recent pupil of the offensive coordinator - that new guy is Kellen Moore. Scott Linehan’s affinity for his pupil is well-chronicled and many have noted how Moore’s skills in the classroom can be valuable.

Moore had been a bit of a player-coach before for the Cowboys while serving as the backup and then practice squad quarterback, so his switch from shoulder pads to QBs coach polo wasn’t terribly shocking. Last week in Carolina was his rookie debut with a headset on in a meaningful game and Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was unimpressive.

Dak spoke to the local media on Thursday and he offered some interesting comments in regards to Linehan and Moore’s roles when he trots back to the sideline. He begins at the 7:15 mark if you want to listen for yourself.

“Kellen, I guess you call him the mediator at that point, when I come to the sideline. Me and him talk about what we saw and then he gets on the headset and he’s talking with Linehan. Then he’ll get back to me with what Linehan’s thinking with the plays and stuff that we’re working towards, so it’s been great.”

This is definitely interesting and not necessarily something you hear every day regarding an NFL team. Scott Linehan recently made the switch from being on the sideline himself to coaching from the booth, but he can surely communicate with Dak on his own. Why does there need to be a mediator when Dak is on the sideline?

If you’re wondering what the deal is with all of this yourself, Dak did offer a bit more of an explanation when asked a follow-up question. He’s able to communicate with Scott Linehan if he absolutely needs to, but it seems like it is generally Moore who is the middle piece in the game of telephone.

“I mean, if I’m set, if I yea I’ll say something through Kellen I guess to them, or if I need to yea they’ll let me talk to him, but it hasn’t been that case.”

This is definitely something new for the Cowboys as Kellen Moore has never been a coach before this season. Why does it need to be the case? Obviously the coaching staff thinks it’s what works best. It does seem different, though.

Dak only mentioned the sideline specifically as far as how this communication is structured, so it’s unclear if there is any middleman during the on-field play-calling, or just how that structure is arranged.

Hopefully whatever Linehan is sending through Kellen Moore to Dak Prescott on the sideline works a lot better this Sunday. We’re all depending on that.

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