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Michael Irvin says non-creativity isn’t bad, says his teams weren’t creative and only ran 8-10 plays

The Playmaker doesn’t think non-creativity is an issue.

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Creativity seems to be the buzz word of 2018 when it comes to the Cowboys, but the team’s offensive struggles in their season-opener have some folks concerned. The debate around creativity and Cowboys play-calling has been raging all week, so it was no wonder that eventually Michael Irvin, media personality and ex-Cowboys great, would weigh-in.

The Playmaker joins ESPN San Antonio every Wednesday during the season, and I happened to be filling in there this week. Rob Thompson and I asked Irvin about the issue of no creativity in Dallas and he quickly debunked it. He also noted that his Cowboys teams weren’t creative and only ran 8-10 plays.

Early on The Playmaker is asked his opinion on Troy Aikman’s comments about not seeing creativity in the Cowboys offense this past Sunday and whether or not he agrees with them. He would go on to say that he saw both sides of this argument, but he also noted that his own Cowboys (coincidentally coordinated by Norv Turner who beat these Cowboys on Sunday) weren’t particularly creative.

It’s okay having a non-creative offense if you have the dominant personalities anyway. We may have ran 8-10 plays. That’s all we ran. We weren’t creative... We handed the ball to Emmitt [Smith], we came down the field. So when people say non-creative they’re, “Oh my God! Oh my God!”, non-creativity is not the issue if you have dominant people at each position or you have a certain group of plays that is your go-to play.

Things are definitely different in today’s NFL than they were almost 30 years ago so this is hardly an apples to apples comparison. Irvin’s point certainly makes sense if you consider the dominant personalities argument. It’s not necessarily creative to run it a bunch of times with Ezekiel Elliott for example, but if it can’t be stopped then it doesn’t matter.

Hopefully the Cowboys either develop more dominant personalities or ways to use their not-so-dominant ones between now and Sunday. They’re going to need everything they can find against the New York Giants.

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