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Play BTB Bingo all throughout Sunday night’s Cowboys and Giants game!

Which row/column will hit first?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We have a tradition here at Blogging The Boys, a tradition known as BTB Bingo.

Every week we put together a bingo card for the upcoming Cowboys game, and while last week I promised that we’d have the results of how the card did... we’re scrubbing the game from memory forever. Think of it as the “burning the film” move of bingo cards.

Hopefully that’s not the case after Sunday night when the Cowboys play the Giants as we’re all yearning for a win. If you want to play BTB Bingo throughout the contest we’ve got you covered with this week’s card.

Which row or column will be the first to hit? I’d imagine it’ll have to do with the AT&T Stadium artwork as that’s as easy of a layup as you’re ever going to see. Also you can bank on a preview for NBC’s Manifest being shown as well, although it does look good.

Let’s have some fun!

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